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Slimmer Me

I'm starting following the SW diet yesterday, and after gaining a stone a year for the past 8 years am determined to turn back time and lose 6 stone. This is my food diary which I hope will help me, and others, stick to this eating plan :eating:

As I'm new to SW if anyone can see anything I'm doing wrong, or could improve on, please shout up!

Today I'm following an original day so my food so far planned is:

HE A 250ml milk
HE A 42g mozzarella cheese

HE B 30g cereal
HE B 200g new potatoes

Breakfast: Cereal & milk, strawberries
Lunch: Chicken & bacon salad (lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, red and yellow peppers)
Dinner: White fish, roasted veg (courgettes, peppers, onions, baby tomatoes) with melted mozzarella cheese & new potatoes

Snacks: Apple, strawberries
Syns: 2 (1tbsp light mayo), 1 (1tbsp low fat dressing), 4 (olive oil), 6 (Galaxy caramel bar)
Total Syns: 13
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After a successful first day I'm feeling hopeful I can stick to this. I have mild cravings for chocolate, which I expect will get worse as I detox from it!

Another Red day for me I think as I have a chicken to cook for dinner and can't resist nibbling. I also need to pop to the shops to stock up on fruit as I munched quite a bit yesterday..

HE A 250ml milk
HE A 42g low fat feta

HE B 1 x bread
HE B 227g potatoes

Breakfast: 2 rashes bacon, toast
Lunch: Poached salmon salad (lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, red and yellow peppers)
Dinner: Roast chicken & bacon, salad (as above), hard boiled egg & jersey potatoes

Snacks: Apple, pineapple, raspberries, strawberries, prawns

Syns: Butter 3.5, 1 x white bread 3, skinny latte 2.5, yoghurt 2.5, light mayo 2
Total Syns: 13.5
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Hi just wanted to say good luck with your diet, your food sounds good love sue xxx
Have woken up with a bad tummy for some reason, not sure if it's a bug or too much fruit :cry:

Going to do another Red day today as it seems to be working ok for me

HE A 250ml milk
HE A 250ml milk
HE B 40g cereal
HE B 3 x Ryvita

Breakfast: Cereal & Milk
Lunch: Poached salmon, ryvitas with scraping of low fat Philadelphia
Spag Bolog with extra mushrooms, red peppers and side salad, tomatoes and passata

Snacks: Apple, pineapple, raspberries, strawberries

Syns: skinny latte 2.5 & 3 choc biscuits (at Bingo!) 6, beetroot salad 2tbsp 0.5, low fat cream cheese small amount on Ryvita 0.5, Pasta (dried) 7.5
Total Syns: 17
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Extra Easy Saturday today

HE A 250ml milk
HE B 40g cereal

Breakfast: Cereal & Milk
Lunch: 'Fry Up' - lf sausages, bacon, roasted tomatoes, scrambled eggs, new potatoes (all cooked with oil spray)
Pork steak, rice

Snacks: Apple,

Syns: yoghurt 2.5,
Total Syns:

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