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slimmer of the week ??


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I have just joined a very big group, and the consultant is a lovely lady but very busy and hasnt explained the SOTW to me, I only knew you couldnt get it in your first week, is it simply the person who has lost the most that week who stays for the whole class? and could you get it in your second week?

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at our group slimmer of the week has to have lost the most that week and also lost the week before you cant get it if you gained the previous week. Also at ours you do have to stay but I think with the new card system it doesnt matter if you are there or not and you can get it in your 2nd week :)


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You have to loose the most weight in one week but must of had a loss the week before too.
In our group we have to stay to meeting to get slimmer of the week.
We all bring in something syn free or very low syned for the SOTW basket, then slimmer of the week gets lots of nice goodies to take home


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In our group the SOTW has to have STS or have lost the previous week, and be the biggest loser for that week. It doesn't matter if they stay. If they don't stay they still get their certificate and fridge magnet but the fruit gets added as a second prize in the raffle.


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yep, biggest loss after loss the week before. Have to stay to class for the fruit, otherwise it gets raffled.


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At ours you have to have lost os sts the week before then lose the most that week to win in. It doesn't matter whether you stay for group or not either but if you don't then we raffle of the SOTW fruit


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Same as Malaika - STS or loss the previous week and lost the most that week.
If you don't stay to group you get the certificate and award the next week and the fruit basket gets raffled off.


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You also cannot arrive to class late or weigh in late, i missed out on SOTW due to this and have never been close since! :(

what?! surely that's not on?! that's not fair!


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our class you have to lose the most in that week and u also have to stay to class to get it and have had to stay to class the previous week which makes it difficult for shift workers! i got slimmer of the week last week but wasnt allowed my award because i nipped out of work to get weighed i didnt stay to class

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