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I have started slimming world on my own 2 weeks ago (having done it previously2 years) and I had a slight weight loss of 2 pounds over those 2 weeks. I am not expecting huge numbers every week as I have a healthy bmi (just on the high side) and happy with 1 pound weight loss a week. However I seemed to have not on plateaued this week but I have gained a pound back. The only changes I made this week was to slightly up my exercise to twice a week and added a few more syns. The last 2 weeks I have been having approximately 5 to 8 syns a day and I am now having approximately 11 syns a day. Could this be the culprit of my weight gain? I appreciate any advice
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A friend of mine tried a week of SP when she hit a plateau. Kicked her into action again and she began losing every week again.

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Increasing your exercise can cause your body to retain water for healing the muscles


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I'd say it's the exercise more than the extra 3 syns a day.

Keep the exercise up and you will probably start to see more losses... if you are exercising more don't decrease your syns either as when I did that I couldn't lose weight. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water as this will help counter the water retention in your muscles.