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Slow and Steady.. winning the race

Hi everyone,

Back in 2012 I got to my goal weight of 9 stone, I managed to maintain that weight for just over a year. Since then I have had a number of things going on in my life, some good some bad. Resulting in all my weight piling back on.

I am finally motivated to start losing it and have lost almost my first stone (I keep losing it and then gaining a lb or two, annoyingly.)

I'm a lot busier than I used to be with work and social events so I am very much admitting to myself that this is going to be a slow race to target, but I will still get there. I have a whole wardrobe of clothes screaming out for me to start wearing them when they finally fit. My current small goal is to get below 10 stone. I have a cruise I'm going on in 6 weeks time (whoop whoop can't wait) and I really hope I am well enough below 10 stone before then that I don't go above it after (or at least if I do go above it I very quickly get back below it.

As well as the clothes I already own I'm also attempting to not order any new ones until I am at my goal weight or at least a lot closer to it.
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Today has gone to plan food wise, however I have not started the exercise as planned as it's just been too hot. Poor excuse I know, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Oh well, if I don't lose as much as I'd like this week I will only have myself to blame.

I've decided I'm going to be a little naughty and do daily weigh in's for a while (only taking note of the Friday one as an official weight though) it's because I've been weighing myself a lot and thought I'll just see how much I do fluctuate in a week.... also because I desperately want to see 9 stone something on the scales.

So today I was 10 stone 4.
Change of heart... as I was sat not doing any work while my husband watches a TV program. I was too hot to be getting on with my uni revision so was browsing ebay looking at clothes I keep telling myself I won't order until I'm at target, so I decided I would go for a quick workout. Trying to be quiet as it's late so didn't go on my crosstrainer, just did some silly jumping and dancing about followed by crunches and a couple of weights for my arms.... apparently I was gone 30-40 minutes according to my husband, but woah... I wasn't wrong about it being hot, I was dripping wet. Feel good for doing it, now just need to make sure I make a regular routine of it.
10 stone 4 again today.

Also managed another work out, only a little one as my husband got home and started cooking dinner. I did do around 25 minutes on the crosstrainer, 100 crunches and some weights though. I'm happy with that as it's much better than what I have been doing :)

Food has also been good. I haven't had chance to be naughty as been way to busy at work haha... but that's still good.

Decided I'm not going to lower my syns quite as much this week now I've picked the exercise up.

Will be having around 10 syns a day, Friday night will be off plan but I will try and make the best decisions possible, Saturday is picnic for tea so I will make sure we pack lots of slimming world friendly food.
So Friday is looking less and less like it's going to be the ''best'' decisions possible. The plan is to still not go crazy, but there's a strong possibility I will be drinking now. Although if I do I will only have a couple of glasses of wine and I will still make the best food choices possible with what's available to me.

Today despite being a pretty rough day at work and my throat being so bad now I can barely talk has been spot on food wise. I did have a big treat (picnic bar instead of something small) and have taken today as a rest day exercise wise. But considering I have had two workouts this week and I can't remember the last time I did one, that's a big improvement on the exercise front.

Tomorrow depending on how I feel when I get home, I'm hoping to do another workout (I'm only aiming for small one's at the moment, I feel half an hour every few days is much better than nothing and I do a lot of walking at work) but if I feel too rough I will just leave it. I would like to start out having at least 3 workouts a week... and start increasing it. When I'm really into my exercise I can do an hours good workout each day... but I'm aiming for smaller goals now as I'd rather aim smaller but achieve and carry it on then go big for a few weeks or even a few months and then let it drop completely. I have a lot on with work and in October my work load is only going to get worse so I want to aim for something I can keep up even then.
Weekend did not go to plan... oh well, back on the wagon now. Hopefully it won't effect my weight too much and next week will be more positive

Only plans so far are going to Leeds and I will save some syns, won't be drinking and will try and have good choices food wise.
I got back down to 10 stone 3, whoop whoop... that's the lightest I've been for a while and I keep getting to it then going over.

I'm desperate to see under 10 stone. I would love to be under 10 stone before we go away, especially if I was still under it by the time I got back haha... but I'm taking small steps. My original plan was to be back at target before we went away (and we go in 4 weeks) so no chance of that.

I work in a school so would be over the moon if I were under 10 stone before we got back in September and at my goal weight before December (we're going to start trying for a baby then, so it would be fab to be at target for that)
Went shopping today and stocked up on syns. We have a little treat jar which works great for us, we are so used to just going and only having our daily intake. Even when we're not dieting we don't go and have more than one (unless it's something small) Had no idea what to do for tea or lunch tomorrow though, ended up making a curry for tea which was yummy.... but due to being stuck for idea's for lunch I've ended up just with a salad, bought some nice beef and turkey to go in it... but just seems a little dull and the weather isn't exactly screaming salad. Oh well.

Haven't done any exercise this week, been wiped out from having an allergic reaction. Again... oh well, not much I can do now. Suppose I only managed two last week so if I get a couple in over the weekend I will have done the same... which isn't bad really. But we will see.

I'd like to keep up with exercise as even if I don't notice it on the scales I do notice a difference in how I look when I'm doing regular exercise. It's just hard trying to juggle everything, studying, exercise and also trying to keep my knitting going...


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Keep going hun! Just to change the salad up can't you (Bare with me here) layer it on kebab sticks just to make it more appealing to the eye? Google it, they do look great. Or knock up a speedy soup... certainly more soup weather lately haha x
Just googled and they look really nice. I have some fruit kebab's for my break or for pudding at work haha so I clearly like the kebab idea :)

I would do soup but I don't have access to a microwave at work at the moment (well I do but it's quite far away and depending on what jobs I get given I sometimes don't get long for a break and my flask doesn't seem to keep food very warm)

Thanks for the support :) I feel like I've been stuck around the same weight for months.... but I suppose positive way of looking at it is even if I have, at least I haven't been gaining weight.
I feel that struggle but hey least you know you'd be able to balance target right?? Call it a target practice :)
You've got this, just keep the faith x
Equally very true.

No way I'm giving up again, I've done it before and I will do it again. I just might take a bit more of a scenic route at times.

Would absolutely love to see 9 stone something before we go on holiday... but not going to let it ruin my holiday if not.
Another good day today and I actually really enjoyed my salad haha

We've decided to stop in tonight watching films (I might even do a bit of my studying, but might take the night off as it's Friday) not sure what the plan is tomorrow but don't think it will be too bad
Today has been great, yesterday wasn't on plan but I didn't eat loads or drink so a massive improvement on other weekends. I'm taking it as a win.

Like I say, today has been 100% on plan. Tomorrow I'm starting on low syns for the week as next weekend we have too many things on which I'm going to struggle to fit into plan. We have an annual BBQ with my husbands work, there won't be much good stuff there (although I will fill my plate with as much salad as I can get away with) and try and stay away from the puddings... the meat and veggie options won't be slimming world friendly. Then on Sunday it is my not so little man's 9th Birthday and he wants us to have a bit of a pizza party with him when he gets back from his cubs camp. So I'll be good all day but there will be pizza and cake in the evening.


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found your diary. subscribing.

goodnight x x
Day has been spot on today, really enjoying having salads at work at the moment.

Haven't had my healthy extra's yet, but think I'm going to have milk so I can have a few cups of tea (and a milky coffee or two), cereal bars and a small bag of buttons (only 3 and a half syns) as I'm trying to keep my syns low during the week due to plans at the weekend.

Although my husband said today that he is planning on taking some spicy chicken wings to the BBQ we're going to on Saturday and then doing some chicken thighs with the skin taken off in a slimming world friendly marinade so that I can have them and hopefully not have to stray too much when it comes to meat :)

So I just need to stick to the salad, that chicken and keep away from the puddings... or only have a small amount. Then on Sunday it's pizza party for little one's birthday, again I'll probably buy some salad in and do slimming world chips so that I can get away with just having one or two slices of pizza followed by Birthday cake. Not 100% on plan at all but has to be a better option than just saying stuff it for the whole weekend.

Weighed this morning and I was 10 stone 4.... which I was surprised about as felt that was a small gain, but when I checked in my planner at work (I write my weights down in the diary bit) I've actually lost 2lb since last Monday.


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well done on the loss :) how often are you weighing yourself?

sounds like a good plan for the bbq and pizza party, good luck making healthy choices. I think for me, its an issue of control, it fine to have a small piece of cake but not 4 slices with cream lol. I'm getting better though.

x x
I'm naughty, at the moment I am weighing myself every day... but it's because I keep getting close to seeing under 10 stone so don't want to miss it. I am also making sure I don't let my weight from day to day get to me as I know we naturally fluctuate and I am just counting Friday as my main WI day (although oddly I do my syns from Monday... I think that's because Monday used to be my official WI) I know it's naughty and I will stop when I get back from my holiday or if I feel I am getting obsessed and down about my weight. I have considering trying a month of not weighing, but I worry if I do that I will think I'm doing okay and gain a tonne. (might be better to do blind WI's, get my husband to write the weight down without showing me but tell me if I gain two weeks in a row) That would be quite interesting as I've been quite down in June feeling like I'm getting nowhere, but over the month with gains and losses I actually lost 4lbs, I know that's a lot less than some people... but if I hadn't seen all the gains, I think I would have been happy knowing I'd lost an average of a lb a week. As I get closer to target I know that my losses are going to get smaller and smaller.

Yes that's my downfall as well and what I'm trying to train myself with. Thing is we are always going to have events that aren't exactly slimming world friendly or times when we want a bit of cake. There's nothing wrong with enjoying those times, we just need to learn to not go over board with them. I'm terrible and in the past at these BBQ's I have tried every pudding there... which is ridiculous. Then I'm surprised when over time I put on 2 stone.
Really struggling with thinking about what to pack for this cruise, I don't know whether to order a couple of new bits and pieces... but I don't really want to order anymore clothes. I've got lots of new target clothes I've ordered and I need to stop that haha, I have so many things I don't fit into yet. I don't want to spend too much on clothes if they're not going to fit me for long either, but most of what I've seen is online at good prices and it's hard to tell what size I should order. So I could order some clothes for the cruise and they still might not fit me lol.

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