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Slowing down on Xenical

Hi, Im new to this site and Im after HELP, I've been on Xenical for 6 wks, after 4 wks I lost 12lb but now the weight loss has stopped (and Im constipated too)!!! I have been doing WW also, did anybody elses weight loss slow down? just been sooo gd its frustrating when the scales dont move!!:sigh:
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Hi Kelli, welcome to the forums, and congratulations on the weight loss so far!
Hi, thank you, I just want the scales to go down, if I even look at anything naughty I will put it on!!! Well done to you on your weight loss so far, Ive found the older Im getting the more difficult it is to lose it.
Thank you Kelli. I've got a long ways to go still till my goal weight. But I'll take it a pound at a time.

Very true, the older we get the more difficult to lose weight. Even just 5 years ago, if I put on 5 lbs, I just eat a little less for a couple of weeks and it was soon gone. Nowadays it just doesn't work that way. I can starve myself all day, and I wouldn't lose a single pound. I've incorporated some exercise in to help boost my metabolism.

I wish I could help you out with the weightloss slow down on your diet, but I don't know anything about the diet you're doing. Have you tried making a thread in the Weight watchers section of the forum to ask people there?

I have been having trouble with feeling bloated etc.. And took some senna/ senakot which really helped.. But is not a long term thing so have bought some aloe Vera juice which is ment to help.

I don't know what cal/ pp level your on but I was on 1800 for 1st 2 wks and was not losing much.. So I dropped it to 1500 and my weight loss started better.. Still slow but hey better than nothing :)

Also are you eating enough fat per meal as some people have mentioned that if u don't eat enough the tablets don't work so well???
Hi Mis-behave, hope ur well. The doctor never said how many calories I should eat so Im doing the ww diet which I have always done, I was at the stage where no matter how gd I was I was losing nothing, but may have to have a big fry up and see if that helps!!! Let me know if the Aloe Vera juice works.....sounds disgusting tho, would rather have a large glass of wine after the kids have gone to bed!!!

Evening CaliSweden also I hope ur well, I tend to aim my goal at half a stone at a time, its not so daunting. I was the same a few years ago I could lose weight easily then the kids came along and everything changed. I also started walking to collect my son from nursery 3 times a wk (its a 4 mile roundtrip) but that did not do anything, but I will persevere.
Do you drink enough water everyday? I always drink a lot of water by nature. I'm a thirsty fish, it runs in the family. My mentor says that drinking 2 liters of water everyday really helps.
Hi and welcome. Perhaps try WW without the xenical and see what happens. Or is your doctor happy with your weight loss because we often expect too much.

Irene xx
Evening CaliSweden hope ur well, I will try and up my water but generally I do drink alot of water.

Hi Irene hope ur well also, Ive always had success on WW until last year, the WW leader even recommened having a blood test as I wasnt losing anything and that came back negative. I started Xenical and lost 12lbs the first 4 wks which I was really pleased with and I was eating exactly the same as b4 starting the tablets, but for a couple of weeks Ive had none of the (without sounding crude) fat in the loo!!! Could I still be losing the weight, even if its coming off slowly at least I would be losing it??x

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