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Slushy Does SW - am I doing it right?


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Hi All

Well today is my first day of SW and I am doing EE.

I did kind of plan out my food last night and then my books arrived this morning ( I am doing it all online) so I did a bit more research and trying to get to grips with whats what - and this is what I had today>

B: on the go so a banana and two satsumas
L: 5 scan bran ( hex b) topped with five laughing cow light ( hex a) and a huge salad with fat free vinagrette
D: Stir fried chicken with usual stir fry veg and about 1/3 pack of m&s fine egg noodles - fried in fry light for wok with soy sauce tabasco and nam pla fish sauce


dash of semi skimmed milk in 3 cups tea = 1 syn
curly wurly = 6 syns
options hot chocolate = 1.5 syns

thats a total of 8.5 syns BUT i think its more like 10.5 as i dont think the fresh egg noodles count as free food - so i did the calculation on the sw website and there fore will add 2 syns

hope this looks ok
have drunk a ton of water so cant stop peeing and as for the effect of the scan bran - well that would be way tmi!
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youre right - it should be 1.5 syns but it is 0.5 for 2 tbsp as far as i can see and i only had a single tbsp in each cup - mind you i suppose its safer to round up than down : ) will round up tomorrow

ty hun


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Day 2 was spent on a long haul flight - i was up from 7 am till 5 am following day and didnt want to rely on aircraft food so pretty much self catered

B: 5 scan bran ( hex) 5 laughing cow light ( hex) topped with cherry toms
L: Last nights left overs - noodles ( 2 syns) chicken and humungous salad
D: Mug shot - salad - satsumas and banana

syns: curly wurly - 6 and noodles at lunch - 2 = 8

no milk in my tea : )

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