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small spoons diary :)

Hello guys
I am being brave and starting a diary :) I have problems with my nerves and opening up to people even just talking to people (even online) is very hard for me so I am hoping doing this might help!
I have been kinda doing Atkins for a few weeks but I have just received my book and I am ready to give it a proper go now :)
I have not weighed myself in a long time so my stats on here are not correct but I am gonna try to be brave and buy scales this weekend! I put on a lot of weight during my third (and last) pregnancy so I know I am heavier than my stats on here say.
I appreciate any advice and help you guys could give me!
Right time to turn to my food today!

Breakfast - two rashers of bacon (not very hungry in mornings)

Lunch - two medium size mushrooms stuffed with chillies and spring onions with one teaspoon of soft cheese on each one
(need to be more careful with the chillies though cos they were very hot lol)

I have a friend coming over for dinner so hubby will make roast chicken with all the trimmings. I plan to stick to chicken with a large stuffed mushroom (yes I am completely addicted to mushrooms lol)
Wish me luck with avoiding the roast potatoes, carrots and gravy lol
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Good luck with the potatoes, carrots & gravy SmallSpoon! You'll be fine. At least you can fill up on chicken and other veg. Don't forget a large glass of water on the side! Oh, and welcome to DiaryLand - I think most of us "talk" about stuff here that we wouldn't under normal circumstances, we all know how it is :D x
Aw the dreaded water lol! I am keeping a bottle of water on my kitchen table and forcing myself to drink some every time I go in there lol! Roast potatoes are my weakness so its gonna be a struggle!
Jello and welcome spoon... I used to not a very open person - my mother trained me well in that area! But as I've become more ancient I'm much better at it - although I still struggle with being honest if I've done something wrong - or eaten something off plan or if my weight goes up! I always feel too guilty to be honest...

Anyway ... This is a smashing forum and everyone on here is so lovely and supportive - i think I'd have given up my diet yonks ago if it wasn't for this place! :)

nutty me

onwards and downwards
Good luck small spoon, its a great forum for support.x
I already love this forum! I have been lurking about for a while a bit nervous to post lol! I think you guys are amazing the way you help each other on! I think having a bit of support will help me stick to this! I smell roasties cooking but I am trying to focus on my yummy mushroom lol


This is for life
Hello and welcome:D. And welldone on the will power!
Hi and welcome :) Good luck with your journey and you will find lots of lovely and supportive people on here :) Mmmmmm the stuffed mushrooms sound tummy! Might try them myself :D

The stuffed mushrooms are yummy I am obsessed with them just now lol! My hubbys friend actually stole one of them from my dinner last night because they looked so good!
My mother in law has been trying to tempt me off my diet by sending over cupcakes for me but I have resisted! She says one cake will not make a difference! Armed with my book I advised her it will make a difference and I am not willing to go back to eating rubbish! It did look really yummy though lol
Well done on resisting the cup cake! :)
My hubby ate it for me! He is so sweet lol!
Well so far today I think I am doing good

Breakfast - 2 bacon rashers dipped into 2 eggs yolks
Lunch - Small homemade burger packed with more chilli!
Dinner - My hubby is planning on trying to make me a cauliflower pizza base but if that does not turn out good I will have more burger!

Not much veg so far today but the pizza should make up for that. Still forcing down the water!!
Just wondering if any of you use exercise dvds? If so could you recommend one?
Wow the cauliflower pizza was so yummy! I am quite surprised and it really filled me up! Ended up making it a kinda meat feast pizza with bacon, salami and little pieces of burger! Will definitely have that again :)
Got some of tescos sugar free jelly so will have some of that if I need a wee snack later on :)


This is for life
Glad you enjoyed the pizza:). I have discovered that cauli mash and cauli rice meet all my requirements:)
Aw I need a kick up the backside lol! I went out for lunch with my girls yesterday and drank far too much wine :sigh: It was the first time we had all been together for a day out since a few of us had babies so I got a bit carried away :(
Did not eat anything bad though. Had a steak with a small salad for lunch and resisted dessert. Then I ruined it by having 6 glasses of wine and 3 yummy gin and tonics :( Silly spoon :(
Straight back to it today though!! Had bacon and scrambled eggs to help me over my hangover!


This is for life
Here's a teeny weeny kick - well done on the food. Unfortunately many of us side tracked by the evil booze. Suggest lots of water!
I have drank lots of water today and hopefully I can get back on track and not let this put me off. Normally on other diets if I slipped up I would give up but I dont feel that way this time! I just wanna get right back to being good :)
Well I have avoided all my normal hangover food so thats something I suppose!
For dinner I had a piece of gammon and a huge stuffed mushroom! Cooked by my lovely hubby as I am lying on the couch feeling sorry for myself lol xx

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