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smear test!


rainbows holiday buddy :)


soon to be skinny minnie
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My mum had this and everything was ok when it was checked out. She however has to get a smear every year though now. I also have a smear on 11th of this month, i'm dreading it i hate them. Don't worry though .
i've just had a letter from the hospital to say they've recieved the results from my recent smear test and i have borderline cell changes and i have to go for a colposcopy in a fortnight.

has anyone had one of these? i'm scared!!!:cry:
babe yes i have,my last 3 smear test came back abnormal and i to had to go to the colposcopy for treatment,and i also was shitting bricks!!basically i had to put my legs in steerups and i had my bits on screan so i could see what they where doing,basically they took a a piece of skin off,to send away to be anaylsed,then it wouldnt stop bleeding so they had to singe it to stop it bleeding,and if there was anything dodgy they treated it there and then..i had to go back 6 months later for a check up and thankfully my smear came back normal,but now i have to go every 6 months..this happened to me the beginning of this year and at the i thought my world was over ..hope this thread has made sense xx:)


From everyone's response it seems like it is most likely going to be fine.


You will be ok :)
Not at all victoria, it's good to know a bit more.

I've got my first smear soon...... what a lovely 25th birthday present!!

Hope you're ok Karen xxx


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Im sure it will be fine.. i know how you feel cos I was a jibbering fool the other wek when they told me I had clue cells.. turned out to be nothing more than a course of antibiotics... looking at what is involved it is a preventative procedure.. will be more uncomfortable than anything else.. obviously we all hoping you be ok :D
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yep just last week!! i have exactly the same, i had my first colposcory 6 months ago, its not nice ill be honest but not too bad x theyput a few chemicals up there to determin the changes in the cervix, you then have to wait 6 weeks for the results. in my case i was told that they very often go back to normal and sonme people dont even realise they have abnormal cells because they go back to normal x i have got another one actually on thursday! weirdly enough! hopefully the cells would have gone back to normal x when is yours??? x dont stress too much x
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ah thats not too bad x i had my follow up of 6 six months last thursday but i was bleeding too much for them to do anything hence why i have to go back on thursday x dont worry honey, youd be amazed by how many people have this and dont talk about it!! i was terrified at first, still am worried of course but because they have caught really early changes (for yourself aswell) they can do stuff about it, the time to worry is when the cells are too far gone to have treatment, but sounds like u got the same letter as me, "mild abnormalities". dont worry chicken x if u need to chat a bit more when youv had it done or before, just mail me : ) x x x


rainbows holiday buddy :)
Yay you having it on my birthday... so think of me with your legs in the air... or maybe not :eek: :D
lol - maybe not! i think i will be looking at the wall and waiting for it to be over!

but sounds like u got the same letter as me, "mild abnormalities".
my letter said borderline changes, but it's my 3rd smear to say that.
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borderline is prob less than mine then hun, dont worry your going to the best place, horrid but they will sort it x x x x

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