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Hi everyone

well its my 3rd weigh later today, heres hoping for a loss, :D

I want to ask has anyone given up smoking while on the diet, I am smoking an awful lot and its getting to the stage where im thinking is this the one that triggers that horrible chain of events,
I have decided to try hypnotherapy and have an appointment for tomorrow evening, I am really hoping it works, my thinking is I feel in control of diet now, and if i wait until after finishing I might use giving up smoking as an excuse to nibble on food and it blame for any weight gain. Hubby thinks I might be taking on too much but undertsands my reasoning behind the decision.
Anyone else tried hypnotherapy, and giving up too
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Hi I gave up smoking 2 years ago using the patches 'nicrotine' and its took me this long to really get my head arond loosing weight. I tried hypnosis last year for my weight and it was a waste of £200 but i no of 3 different people who have used it for smoking and it's worked(one of them was on 40 a day and has'nt touched one since). It all depends on the person but i personally would'nt try to do both things at once. Thats just me though if you can afford it then you have'nt got anything to loose. Good luck x x
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I'm with your hubby on this one - I understand your reasoning but I think you're underestimating yourself a little. If you have the willpower now, you can have the control when you try to quit. If you quit now, on your bad days it'll feel like you're totally depriving yourself of everything and before you know it -BOOM -you're eating a dairy milk and puffin on a silk cut. I'm a smoker myself and have been smokin more whilst dieting so I know how you feel, I really do. Saying that I haven't tried hypnotherapy so maybe it'l work for you. I know a couple of people who've stopped successfully after reading Alan Carr's book. I haven't got it myself yet - not quite ready to let the ciggies go more's the pity.

Good Luck anyways -it would be brilliant if it worked for you - skinny and a non-smoker -imagine the energy you'll have!
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I gave up when I was on the programme & it was the best thing I did xxx

Stop showing off. I'm only messing - well done -you must have really pput in some horrible days -I'm glad its paid off for you.:D
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There is no way in hell I am giving up smoking until a few months after maintaning my weight. I need something to keep me going. at least they help kerb my hunger pangs lol

Good luck if you do give up personally I dont think i could give up drink, choc and ciggs I need at least one vice whilst doing this crazy diet lol

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