1. sparkledpixie

    sparkledpixie Silver Member

    Having just moved from SW to WW I'm LOVING that smoothied fruit is still 0pps :) Do you have any good recipes I can try? I've gone for banana and mango with some 0% yogurt and milk but there isn't a lot of it once the fruit has all mushed up :( What do you do?
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  3. Kopette

    Kopette Member

    I usually have a smoothie for breakfast most days (not really a breakfast girl). Favourite one is fat free vanilla yogurt, banana, strawberries and blueberries all blended together...really filling and only 2 points.
  4. sparkledpixie

    sparkledpixie Silver Member

    Ooo thank you I'll try that... how much of everything do you put in? Roughly
  5. Kopette

    Kopette Member

    A small tub of yogurt (usually activia - 2 points) a whole banana and a handful of each of the fruit. I use a stick blender. The juiciness of the fruit will determine how thick or runny the smoothie is....enjoy..
  6. sparkledpixie

    sparkledpixie Silver Member

    Fabulous thank you so much... will give this a try.
  7. takemedrunkimhome

    takemedrunkimhome Full Member

    I make all my smoothies with the same base. 2 Bananas and 300ml (depends how thick you want it) then your flavour fruit so Strawberries or Raspberries or Blueberries or tinned peaches all fruit except the banana are kept in the freezer. so no need to ass ice.
  8. Kopette

    Kopette Member

  9. *sarah-lou*

    *sarah-lou* Gold Member

    Try banana and light coconut milk. Not 0pp but amazing!

    I would google juicing and smoothie recipes amd loads should come up.

    My fave are yogurt based ones. I love nectarine peach and yogurt smoothies. I usually add a bit of water or milk to thin it out.
  10. donnaaa

    donnaaa Member

    Hiya, I've never thought about smoothies since starting ww! Sounds yummy. As I don't eat as much fruit as I'd like because I do a shop every two weeks so it doesn't keep long for me :/ so smoothies sound a great way for me to have my fruit. :) Anyone know if I make up a big batch how long I can keep it in the fridge?
  11. Lostris

    Lostris Serena's title didn't fit

    I tend to make em for 1pp, chuck in 150ml 0 percent fat yoghurt (brand optimel but dont know if you have in UK), add 1/4e of a box of strawberries and 1/2e box raspberries and blend away. Gives a big glass full and its quite thick in consistency
  12. Purpled

    Purpled Gold Member

    I love smoothies! I always blend some ice. With frozen berries. They come in a pack from tesco for about £1.50-£2 for a 500g bag. I prob use about 50g in a smoothie. Then I use almond milk with about 300ml is 2pp I think, normal milk is fine, i just don't drink it.Then I sometimes add a banana which thickens it up. Simple quick and refreshing.

    I recommend using frozen fruit for value. Plus it makes your smoothie cold :)
  13. GlamGirl88

    GlamGirl88 Full Member

    I've just moved over too I'm trying to think of all the smoothies I can make x
  14. revilop

    revilop Full Member

    300ml 2% milk, 2 bananas, 2 apples, 1 orange and 1 kiwi. Makes about 1 litre, 4pp for all of it! Delicious!!
  15. bevertree

    bevertree Member

    hi... I make up some sugar free squash and add it to frozen fruit and zero greek yogurt
  16. lunavix

    lunavix Full Member

    Lush made with frozen fruit ice and diet 7up

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