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i am sniffing anything and everything at the min!! from my mates salad to salt and vinegar crisps and chocolate.

peeps in work think i am mental - what they dont realise is....food doesnt smell that good to me - i sniff to see if get a craving and i am finding more and more things just dont appeal to me.

salad seems to be the nicest smelling thing to me at the mo - choc just doesnt really smell of anything and crisps smell well greasy!!!

my brain is re-training and i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!!!

anyone else find this happening?
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Says it as it is!!!
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LMAO - I love sniffing...but i am loving curry smells and anything that has different flavours mixed together...must admit, have yet sniffed chocolate or crisps hhehehe


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i know exactly what you mean, the smell if often quite horrible, and yeah you can smell the greese, although i'm new to LT still, i find my ofactory senses are changing! the local take out places smell gross! I am also preffering the smell of salad and veg, although i think cucumber smells of BO!

happy sniffing!
Lol! Yep sniffing is great and isn't it amazing what used to smell fab now doesn't smell so good!

I took my kids to McDonalds as a treat last night and thought it would be a nightmare for me but can honestly say the smell just made me feel ill and didn't feel I was missing anything at all.

Although the smell of fresh oranges makes my mouth water. One day oh one day I'll be able to have one lol!


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yes yes yes lol finally somebody that sniffs too hehehehe i thought i was going crazy.... i sniff everything that i make and agree with you about the fact that things that i used to eat and enjoy just do not appeal to me whatsoever anymore, i am loving fruit and salad things and also the fresh fish counter in tescos which is something that used to make me feel sick if i caught a whiff of it as i went by. my partner got a chicken balti pie from greggs the other day after going shopping and as we walked out of the shop i asked him if i could just have a quick sniff first hehehehehe he thinks i am going crazy and i got alot of funny looks! i say 'oh well,if it helps keep you going then why not' good luck guys xxxxx
I thought it was only me that sniffed everything, I love the smell og garlic, in pasta, pizza and anything. But as I go by I say wow that smells lovely, but I am saited and now I can just enjoy the smell. it works, What im craving is a prawn salad, strange to turn down all that stoge for a salad!!!.

rainbow brite

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It seems a fair few of us are craving salad and fish instead of the rubbish we'd have favoured before... wonder why that is...?
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I love smells! I don't have a craving to eat the food but enjoy smelling it. OH's chilli smelt yummy last night but as I made it for him I know it would be way too hot for me!!!!! Never liked chilli before!

I smelt a mini bag of maltesers my youngest had the other day and discovered that it smelt rank! I never thought I would have said that before!

I crave salmon and salad, red pepper, tomato, cucumber, celery and iceberg lettuce! Oh, and strawberries!!! I make do with my shake instead!!!!




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I agree, I'm cravinf cous-cous with a bit of lemon on and some black pepper mmmmmm.

Smells wise anything processed or greasy makes me feel sick at the mo.


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Smelling rocks my world now :D Funny how I'm satisfied by just the aroma to - I feel no need to eat.


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I was doing this yesterday My nephews had a chippy, And I was dishing it all out onto plates for them..But ended up sniffing a bag of fish and chips for like 2 mins :D OOHHHH it smelt delicious..My mouth was watering! :mad::D


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i have taken to smelling things to and they do not smell as good as i thought they used to taste
my hunnby thinks i'm weird


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brill innit!!!!

my mate just had homemade carrot and corriander soup - went to fill my water bottle and she has only gone and bloody eaten it before i got a chance to sniff!!! how very dare she :D


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I don't like cocaine - I just like the smell of it :D

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