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So disheartened

Well,:sigh: what can i say 2 weeks in, stuck to the plan and still no weight loss. Shake for breakfast, meal bar for lunch and my dinner. I have a variety of 100 cal snacks but nothing is shifting the weight. Have unfortunately stocked up on s/f bars and shakes while they were on offer, so will keep on until they have all gone. I guess s/f is just not for me.
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I did measure myself, lost last week but nothing this.
Wouldn't mind but when i have spent 2 weeks sticking to the plan and loosing not a gram it really pips me off.
Not really, normally walk a bit anyway, general housework and such. Haven't been to the gym or any major exercise. Was wondering if i wasn't doing enough, was going to start having a go on the wii to see if this helps an dhaving a stink on the treadmill.
B4 u started where u having as many kcals as ur now having on SF?
Cos as much as its designed to help u lose weight, initially if ur not used 2 having this many kcals per day that cld effect ur loss...

Try not to give up yet. Have a look at Why can’t I lose weight? - Saga

The idea that muscle weighs more than fat and so affects weight loss is a bit of an urban myth but if you have minimal muscle mass that can affect your weight loss as you don't burn calories effectively. Make sure you drink a lot of water too :)

Try and stick with it; SF makes the weight loss equation easy to manage i.e. less calories (to a min of 1200 cals) + more activity = weight loss and it should start working eventually.
Thanks all, defo not premenstrual, and i ate more cals before. Will carry on until i have finished what i got now then decide. Trouble is i also always feel hungry lately and don't want to go off track and start eating junk again. Its so easy to grab choc bars and crisps when your hungry but i have learnt that these are just empty calories and lead to more empty calories, so the vicious circle stars again.
i stayed the same for 2 weeks a while ago, and thens tayed the same over december, because i didnt exercise.
the only exercise (other than the every day things like housework) is the wii.. ive got various games that i play, and they are fab. and thats whats making me lose! yes the eating right helps, but your not going to lose anything without exercising!!!
im sure you will feel much better in yourslef if you get and do at least 20 mins of exercise 3 times a week...
if im not feeling like a can do a lot, i do the step plus for 1/2 hour and watch tv at the same time..... hubby doesnt mind me doing it while we are watching tv....

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