So dissapointed after first weigh in....


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Well I got weighed on Tuesday and I'v lost 5lbs. I am really dissapointed. I had hoped I'd lose so much more.

Some of the stories on here are so inspirational, but thats just me, never seems to happen for me. I was so proud of myself for getting through such a tough weekend, my hubby had all the goodies at the weekend, been cutting done the rest of the week and he's lost a bloody stone!!! Typical!

I'm not giving up though. My CDC said i'm probably not drinking enough water, so trying to increase that but a bit disheartened now.
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Try to snap out of the feeling bad stuff, honey... start feeling sorry for yourself and it's a downward spiral from there. You've done REALLY well... 5lbs!!! Four weeks like that and you'd be down 20lbs!!! There are no quick fixes when you are losing weight, not even with CD, so be happy & proud that you had a good loss and move forward from there. You can do it! All of us are different in how fast we lose, how our bodies react, etc, but as long as the scales are moving in the right direction all is good.
Chin up honey!!!

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Hi Stoney

That's great advice from Katycakes.

I only lost 3lb at my first weigh in on CD because I'd already cut out most of my carbs beforehand - you probably started out with less glycogen stores than your hubby but if you've been 100% on plan you've probably lost the same percentage of fat as him.

It is soooo important to drink all the water you're supposed to as well, don't think of it as an optional thing where you try your best with it - it's essential and as much a part of CD's success as not eating a piece of toast or whatever.

Don't let it get you down and good luck for next week xx


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Wow, 5 lbs is really good - and just think you could have losses like that every week and that wouldn't be bad now would it?? Chin up and keep going. You've got through the first week which is the hardest and now you've got an exciting journey ahead of you.
Well Done!!!!


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5lbs is a great loss hun dont knock yourself out about it, stick with it and drink loads of water it will come off and it does work, different people lose different amounts x


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Hi there,

The above is all good advice really, I definately agree that maybe you didn't eat as many carbs before or hold onto as much water/glycogen??? A good percentage of the first week loss is down to this so I guess it just depends, also did you cut down before you actually started?
I lost 2-3lb in the 2-3 days before I started SS.

5lb is still a great loss and one thing I have learnt this week is to look at the big picture not the week to week losses, some weeks you may be a little disappointed but others get more than you expected - so over the month you will be very happy :D

Keep going xx


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Try not to worry Stoney.
5lbs is a brilliant loss.
Everyone's losses are different.
Some people only lose a couple of lb's it will vary.
Plus 5lb is almost half a stone, there aren't many diets that would make you lose that in a week.


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Hi Stoney

5lb is a great loss as the others say some weeks are more some less. I only lost 4lb, but I lost about the same in the days before i started as I cut out the carbs and upped the water. Keep looking forward honey!!


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Dont be disheartened many peopel seem to have big losses in week 1 and low in week 2
Yours will average out and besides if 1 lb is 3500 cals then youve saved 17500 cals in week which is great
Just think if you could lose 5 lbs every week would only be 12 week to goal

Keep smiling




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I was the same my 1st week I lost 5lb and was very dissapointed and my 2nd week 2lb and my 3rd week1lb I wonderedc what the heck was going on, i had done all 3 weeks 100%ss but after the 1st few weeks my body seemed to get used to the diet and 22wks later i had lost 5st and a few lbs, stick with it, it really is worth it.xxxxxx


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Well done on your 5lb loss, you should be chuffed :) xx


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Hi 5lbs is a brilliant first loss!! You should be really proud of yourself. I only lost 3lbs in my first weigh in today but i lost 5lbs last week cutting out the carbs etc. Good luck with week 2. xx


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5 POUNDS IS BRILL!! Keep your chin up and do what I do and check out the Minimins Slideshow if feeling down!! The way I look at it is that they all did it and there's no reason why we can't too!


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Hi there - dont be disheartened - I lost 5lbs in my first week - The first weeks loss is mainly fluid anyway - keep going you are doing great.


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As the others have said.. 5lb is a good loss,this is my 3rd attempt at cd, the first time (years ago) lol, i only lost 1.5lb, in my first wk, but i still lost 7st in 7 months so be proud of ur loss, well done.


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hi i lost 5lb in my first week just keep going think about it another 2 weeks of 5lb and thats a whole stone gone forever