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So Down So Down


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Well things have really come to a head this morning OH is unbearable all over this bloody house sale he said some really nasty things to me thismorning and is refusing to give me any money just so he doesnt have to go overdrawn and i dont get paid till 26th so im gonna have to wait to carry on with cd hes basically shattered all the confidence i ever had as hes been soo nasty about my weight i cant wait to move and i told him it wont be with him took my engagement ring off and dunno where it is now as he threw it just dunno what to do anymore :tear_drop::tear_drop:
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Mrs Roch

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You poor thing, you sound like you've had a dreadful morning....

It sounds like you've got lots going on at the moment and I think, if I was in your shoes, I wouldn't even be contemplating CD at the moment. I think to be successful on the diet, you need to be focused and it seems you need to be concentrating on other things at the moment.

You're obviously dealing with one of the most stressful things a couple can do - move house - is this happening soon?

Are you on CD for a specific reason apart from loosing weight (ie operation, wedding etc)? If you're not is it something you can put on hold?

Sorry, I haven't been back on the site for long so don't think we've spoken before.

Hope you manage to get things sorted with your OH - I don't think the horrible personal comments from him are necessary and acceptable from someone that's meant to love you.



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Oh Kat (((HUGS))) .......... does he really mean what he's saying??? or is it just the stress of moving??? Not nice either way - but moving is so stressful at the best of times.

Hope you both get it sorted soon.


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will u feel even worse if u come off CD for a while? can u not explain all this to ur CDC and see if u can pay a week late or give her a cheque to cash on 26th?

or borrow from a friend/parent etc?

once he has calmed down he is going to feel absolutely awful i bet. sounds to me like the stress of moving and all the rest of it has hit u both, which is to be expected. however, he had no right to kick u down about ur weight. im guessing he knows u r pretty sensitive about it right now otherwise u wouldnt be on a VLCD trying to shift it and so he has gone for the jugular. not nice at all.

if it were me....i would get the money from someone else just for now and not let his nasty mouth ruin a week of SSing. its not always easy for people to get back on the wagon after they have a break and it wouldnt be fair on u to miss out cos of this. u r doing really well and i simply wouldnt let him win if it were me. but then...i am very stubborn lol

i hope u r feeling better soon and dont forget to make him grovel when hes calmed down :D


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I agree with Karen. If there is any way of you getting the money together I would stick to CD. I know you are going through a lot but if you can stick to your diet you will feel like you are achieving something when everything else seems so hard for you at the moment.

If your hubby cant support you then you are going to have to lose the weight without his support. He'll soon come crawling back when you start to look fabulous as the pounds melt away.


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thanks for the replies guys sat here typing and the tears are coming from nowhere the thing being my cd is going away on fri for 3 weeks so need to get all my supplies got enough packs till sunday gonna see if shell take a chq and cash it on her return
At the moment dont want anything to do with him think hes being selfish and thinking of himself and his kids thats why he doesnt want to go overdrawn as needs to send them money down next month as not seeing them his wages are crap anyway after csa takes a chunk after fri dunno how im gonna get to work as petrol in car till then why should i suffer coz of his selfeshness at the end of the day i pay for nearly everything


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Awwww hun I know how you feel. The only thing I have real control over at the moment is my diet.....this is keeping me focused on something.
Why do men have to be so stressful to live with...?


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I'd have a chat with ur CDC for sure. She would most likely hate to see u go for weeks without packs all for the sake of her waiting to cash a cheque one week from now. if i were a cdc i would prefer to do that than see u go off rails and end up gaining...then maybe never getting back on SS train.

can see why u r fuming moreso if u usually pay for most things. a swift kick in the jacobs sounds well overdue!!

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