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So here goes... Again!


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Hi All

Been a couple of weeks since Ive been able to get on but it's great to be back to read everyone's posts and tips :)

I've been doing OK over the holidays.... Had a bit of a wobble at Easter (I have finally admitted chocolate is not my friend and, as much as it pains me, I think we'll have to go our seperate ways forever :cry:)

Anyway, back on track and feeling slim. But the last day or two I've been feeling really bad. It's like I've absolutely no energy at all and last night night when I got out of the bath I actually felt a bit woozy. I'm in Cruise, doing 1/1 PP/PV and up until now I've been feeling great on Dukan, eating plenty and I've had bundles of energy so this sudden change has left me quite worried - has anyone else had any experience like this? I also have a yucky metallic taste in my mouth but I know this is to be expected
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Hello and welcome back. Are you eating enough? Perhaps post some menus for us? Otherwise it's impossible for us to help.

How about vitamins? Do you take a multivitamin each day?

You could of course *just* be under the weather and it could have nothing to do with the diet, but feeling light headed makes me think you're possibly not eating enough.


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Hi Teasey and welcome back!
Have to say I've not had great energy either these last few days and we started about the same time. Even cut back a bit on the exercising to see if that would help. I know I'm not eating LOADS, but I'm still getting in around 1200-1300 calories a day (sorry all - know we're not meant to be counting calories, but checking carb/protein intake on myfitnesspal and it gives you calories as well!) I take a multi-vitamin as well.

I will let you know when I'm better and we can compare notes! :)


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Thanks guys

I'm still feeling a bit drained but thankfully the light-headedness has gone. I'll start posting my menus again though just in case I'm not eating enough (now there's a sentence I never thought I'd use!!)

Monday - PP
B: Toffee Vanilla Muller
L: 2 eggs scrambled with 1 slice ham and a little skimmed milk
D: Extra Lean Beef mince (350g approx) made into skewers with spices etc with quark and chive dip and a squeeze of lime
S: "cheesecake" Oatbran mixed with 1 tsp cocoa powder, sweetener and water for base and sweetened FF for topping

Drinks: 1.5 l water plus another large glass when I got home, can of diet coke, mug of green tea and a coffee


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Bit of a disaster this morning. Woke up late and ran out of the house without bringing any food! Luckily I'd some eggs still in the fridge which I had for brekkie but lunch will be a challenge....


** Chief WITCH **
ahhhh... nowhere in the vicinity to pick something up that's Dukan friendly? Omelette/steak + salad?

Your breakfast and lunch look light to me. Dinner fine. Don't know when you have the oatbran snack. "Cocoa powder" needs to be the lowest fat possible, or skip if your weight loss isn't great.


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I'm out on the hunt now. Today was supposed to be PP but I'm say it's going to have to become PV... Grr

Yeah, I've never been a big eater during the day. I'm an evening/night eater. Which is where my problems began really. I'll try and up the brekkie and lunches...


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So, today didn't turn out as bad as I thought thanks to a surprisingly well stocked little Sainsbury's around the corner from my office

B: 2 eggs scrambled with a drop of skimmed milk
L: Sainsbury's chicken pieces sprinkled with chilli flakes and quark
D: 2 homemade mince beef burgers (250g-ish I think) with yog, chilli, coriander and lime dip and Dukan Bread
S: Toffee Muller

Drinks: oceans of water (I think I must have had at least 3 litres today) and a diet 7up

The chicken pieces might not have been the best but they were 0 carb, starch and sugars so I figured they'd be about as good as I was going to get.. lunch was a bit bland but I've definitely had worse!

Exercise: 30 mins gentle walk plus 2 hour dance class


** Chief WITCH **
Well done! 2 hr dance class?! WOW!! Go you!
Well, started out well today. I was a bit more prepared than yesterday anyway! The scales moved for the first time since last Friday too so all in all I was a happy bunny (though Official Weighday is not until Friday so I’m not updating stats til then)

So far I’ve had:

B: 2 eggs, quark and 2 slices of LF ham omelette using a little skimmed milk
L: Homemade Chicken Tikka Skewers (not sure of the weight but I had 4 decent sized skewers) with quark dip and I’ve a Muller sitting on my desk just waiting to be eaten!

Drinks: almost 2 litres of water, 500 mls diet coke and 1 coffee with a little skimmed milk

Anyway, about 11am I started getting that woozy feeling again. I’d had my breakfast late enough and it was much bigger than usual so I doubt it was from eating too little but I’ve had my lunch now and I still don’t feel great. I am also SO thirsty, more so that I ever have been – I had 2 litres of water gone by lunchtime and it feels like I’ve been running to the loo more often than I’ve been at my desk at this stage. Could I be drinking too much perhaps?

I have to admit I am slightly concerned. I moved to Dukan after a few months of the normal “eat-less move-more” school of thought to shock my system into giving up the last stone or so. I’m now lighter than I’ve been in at least 3 years even though I’m about 9lbs away from my goal (and almost a stone away from my True Weight) – maybe my body is trying to tell me something……
Thanks! Though in fairness it’s not the most strenuous of classes so it sounds a lot more impressive than it actually is!!


** Chief WITCH **
hmm... are you eating the oatbran Teaser? Perhaps there's a bug going round but if you don't feel well... I thought you were alternating PP and PV, yet I can't see any veggies anywhere?
I've been eating the oatbran in Dukan bread in the evening to bulk up my dinner and I decided on a 4/3 PP/PV this week to try and get past my stall. And I've a couple of things on at the weekend so it would be easier to be able to have veg

To be honest I think it is a bug cos I've just started to burn up :(


** Chief WITCH **
sorry to hear that. how are you today?
Thanks guys

I'm a bit better today. Still feeling a bit under the weather but unfortunately work is busy so I'm not in a position to feel sorry for myself and I'm battling through. :sigh:

Going to head to bed and have an early night. But first, the diary:

Considering I felt so bad last night's dinner was pretty impressive if I do say so myself. Had "trio of salmon" so 2 darnes of dry-fried salmon, smoked salmon on Dukan bread and smoked salmon, quark and chive "pate" - yum yum (Yes, I quite like salmon....:))


B: 2 eggs scrabled with some quark
L: Rest of the smoked salmon pate from last night on some Dukan Bread
D: 2 Chicken breasts with spices and yoghurt curry sauce
S: I haven't had this yet but i'm in need of some comfort food so I'm planning a mini sugar free jelly topped with quark mixed with vanilla yogurt

Drinks: approx 1.5l water, a can of 7up free, 3 black coffees (I got desperate while trying to stay awake in a meeting!) and a green tea

Exercise: Unfortunatly not today. I'm going to skip my dance class and get myself tucked up in bed.

Talk to you all tomorrow - and thanks again as always for all of the support :wave_cry:


** Chief WITCH **
I love salmon too. Your trio sounds lovely!
Hmm yes, it was amazing! :)

Well it’s Weighday and I got a very pleasant surprise on the scales this morning! I’d been stalling last weekend and then I got sick so I really wasn’t expecting a loss but obviously the perseverance paid off. Thanks for the words of support girls

So just 5 lbs away from my own personal goal and 11 from my True Weight. That ideal weight Dr. Dukan gave me that seemed like a crazy pipe dream just one month ago now seems achievable. I’m amazed at the change in myself. My menus have become more inventive and I’m really enjoying my food. My skin is glowing, my cravings are gone and – most importantly – my size 12 jeans now fit perfectly.

I’ve been plagued with doubts about the diet. I convinced myself it wouldn’t work for me because nothing ever really worked before. Every little hiccup was taken as a sign to give up, every day I thought “well I’ve lost more than I thought – maybe I should accept that this is as light as I’m supposed to be.” My mind couldn’t except that my body had finally found the right formula, that perhaps I didn’t have to pretend that I was happy being just a little overweight, but stepping on the scales and seeing the numbers go down made me want to keep going for one more day, and then one more, and just one more. And the threads on this forum have been a lifesaver. I’d have given up in Attack if I hadn’t found you guys!

Sorry for the waffle – I’ve just kinda surprised myself with my little revelation and wanted to share! :p

So, back to business. Moving into month two my goal is to increase my exercise a bit more and start toning up. I used to be really fit, even when I was heavy and I'd like to get that feeling back

However, a more short-term goal is to get through this weekend in one piece – I’m Irish living in London this last year or so and I’m heading back home to Dublin for a visit. I have The Mammy warned that I’m on this diet but, as I’m sure any other Irish girls out there can confirm, the sole purpose in the life of an Irish Mammy is to feed! But I will resist!


** Chief WITCH **
What a lovely post, Teasey. I'm so pleased for you! And delighted that you attribute a little of your success to us ;) even though it's all down to you!

Keep those imaginative menus coming too!

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