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So, How much exercise are you doing on Exante?

I am still walking an hour a day
(which is half an hour in the morning walking into work, half an hour back to my car)
but I was already doing that before I started Exanting myself (see what I did there :D )

I did an extra 20 mins wander around town this lunchtime
but should I do more?
Let me into your exercise secrets
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I'm going to the gym for an hour a week, doing mostly strength & resistance training.

I walk the dog most days, not too far, probably 15-20 minutes or so, maybe half an hour sometimes. Hoping to build that up to include a bit of a jog in due course.

At the weekend me and the dog go a bit further afield (weather permitting) and do a longer walk, 3-4 miles on average.

Since last week I'm going swimming again, hope to keep to once a week for between 30-45 minutes. May go back to an hour of aquafit a week a bit further down the line too, but not planning for that just yet.

During my add-a-meal week I'm going to start doing some extra strength and core training on my equipment at home too.

I'm still wavering about buying a Wii-fit as well. :eek: Might do, might not. My sister has it, I really ought to go over there sometime to have a go and see if I like it!


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For the first few weeks I didn't do any extra exercise. A couple of months in I started playing badminton once a week - that's a good calorie burner. I started Pilates classes once a week back in September which I love, I joined a gym early December and do Pilates, Body Balance and Aqua every week and if I can fit it in some resistance stuff. Need to get the finger out and go back to the badminton as well tho which tailed off around Christmas time.

I personally find that in abstinence less calorie hungry exercise suits me best - the core strength and conditioning stuff - I just haven't it in me to do more cardio stuff - I know I am pushing too hard when I get a smell of ammonia in my nostrils and feel a bit light headed which does sometimes happen in my aqua class which is quite an energetic one.

When I have finished abstinence I plan to introduce more calorie burning stuff.

Hope that was of interest and I haven't bored your pants off!#



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ps. we have the wii fit and the novelty wore off really quick for me - too much standing around selecting the next exercise - I also found it was taking me nearly an hour and a half to do an hour of exercise because of the messing about between exercises.(I think the latest version is supposed to be more seamless and I considered upgrading but would rather go to the gym now I am paying for it).
last week - nowt. In any event, felt too ruff.
This week - plan to get a bit of exercise in - either walking (as in today) or a bit of steppin'. but no more than 20 mins.

not going to overdo it though - I think the reason I felt so bleak on the last VCLD was that I was still trying to play squash, and the suchlike. On so few cals a day, no wonder I felt limp and drained and flat and breathless.
Peony, not boring at all
you are (another ) inspiration (so many on this site!)

I think I won't bother with the wii
if I loved my new hannah waterman DVD then it might have been an option
I think I would rather go out
but it's a bit of a solitary journey isn't it?
OH walks and cycles too fast for me
I would like to try squash when I am thinner
My boss and colleague really go for it

Must be fun to do it as much as they do

although they are both on injury holiday as they tore muscles/tendons in their foot
although they are both on injury holiday as they tore muscles/tendons in their foot
Probably overdoing it. But injury is an occupational hazard (as is death, for overweight middle-aged businessmen). I just used to end up bruised. I wasn't much good, just used to play the then boyf and maybe one of his mates. Nothing serious. But used to give it a good go, though.

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