So i failed

Well. The titles pretty expanatory. Yesterday, 2pm....starving, had been for 2 days. Walking past the shop in the snow....and it happened to me.

My little food gremlin took over. I brought so so much, and i ate so much. And then i had all this food and i knew until it was gone i would keep eating and i did. So ive had a 30 hour binge.

I feel like a big fat failure. Im not saying that for anyone to tell me im not....because whether people tell me i am or not i shall still feel it.

The foods all gone now. I threw the rest away. Im trying to just remember that i wanted to a stone and a half lighter in 5 weeks and i shall not be that if i eat.

This feeling of utter dismay of letting myself and my family down, who all want me to do this is too much to bear.

So here goes, please please guys help me get through the first 5 days begging you!

I know its only i that can do it, but some help would be so good.

Thank you those that thing they can help.

Much love Wannabe (hanging my head in shame and sighing, i really was so determined!)xxxx
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Hey sweetie, you are getting back on the plan again. Thats not failure in my eyes. Failure is someone who gives up after a little (or major) blip.

I am sure there are people who have done far worse than what you did whilst doing the diet.

Look at the are wanting to get back on it again, thats amazing news. Also you threw away the food that was left, thats great. You could so easliy have eaten that too, but you were strong enough to say no.

Hugs hunni, I don't know what else to say. Am here for you as are all the other lovely peeps on here.

Charlie xx


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You are still in the game hun ! The number of people who come here, have a blip then never post again is huge ! You have come back, admitted what you did and know that you can't make a habit of it !
So well done you ! You are back in the wagon (hang on just move my ass to make room for you) there we go, pop in and get back into it !
Thank you Fed Up, i refuse to say the last word.....
Ive decided its lack of mini mins. The one day i didnt come online i fail! Tomorrow I will I will. Ill drink tons of water....ill do it. I feel so urgh from eating, i didnt enjoy the food as i was just wracked with guilt but i carried on eating and a robot. Not nice.

Heres to tomorrow! xxx
Thanks Charly- that made me laugh. Thank you for accepting me back on the wagon....i know its going to be a bumpy but worthwhile ride on it!
Never ever ever again. You mark my words. This feeling is the worst xxx


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Hey, a 30 hour blip is nothing.............I had a 3 month blip and put on 26lbs !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hey your human !!!

I'm no angel trust me!

No one is perfect honey xxxxx

Your in here posting which speaks volumes ;)

I'm on mini's everyday!! I need this place.... It's my savior!

Throw yourself back into it with gusto



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Aww hun sending youlots of love!!

Just try and get back on track! I agree with mrsexsses, I am on day 5 and seriously dont think i could have hacked this without my daily dose on this site.

I need the daily support from you guys and the inspiring stories!

Its in the past, move on and start again!



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Ooh no you are not a failure! A failure is someone who gives up, writes it off and never returns to what they wanted to acheive!!!

And i think, that recognising your blip, and wanting to carry on is something to be proud of!

Keep going, its behind CAN do it :) xxx


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Weight loss is a journey. Never put yourself down through out the journey just keep on going on. Tomorrow is another day. Take care xxx

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Good luck with starting fresh tomorrow. It's hard with all this freezing weather for many of us to get on track and then stay on track. Hopefully you'll feel better after posting here and get back into it.

I try reminding myself that i'm choosing to do cd and i'm not being forced. :) I wish we could bottle that sicky feeling after a mega binge so when we feel like doing it again we could take the bottle out and not go there lol. But we can't and we will blip but hey we're human. Don't think being good or bad. You wobbled. Fresh new start with a brand new day tomorrow.

Sleep well hun and have a lovely day tomorrow xxx


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Wannabe you're so not a failure, you've proved that by admitting what's happened and being willing to try again --- give it another go and you should still make your goal - good luck xx


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Put it behind you and start again. It happens to us all.
Good luck
Thanks everyone! tomorrows the 10.01.10. a good day i feel!

Much love and every single day im going to come on and be the annoying non stop poster just to get me thru and never feel like this again x


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Hi skinnyminniewannabe

I think the girls have said it all, but here I am, the regulars from the last few months all know I have done just the same as you.
And the truth is, I will probably slip and blip on more than one occasion before I get to goal.

We are all human, I have already had my first foodpack of the day at about 12.30am, as I got hungry. I logged back on a few minutes ago for a bit of motivation.

The important thing now is your re-start, good luck.

Sending you my best wishes, it will be alright x
Still up, thanks blingbabe.....i do feel like crying. I feel like my 1 half stone is unachivable now....its 5 weeks! So im just going to aim to do it....for over 14 days as i failed on what 12....urgh!

Ill shall speak to u more blips- foods going....and no more money is being carried around lol xxxx


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Hey honey, how is your new day going?

Charlie x


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Hi SMW --

It's really not a huge issue in the big scheme of things. You're in this for the long haul and little detour is not the end of the world. My favourite quote from the founder of the By Scouts, Lord Baden Powell is --


Some failure is a part of the process -- success is in not giving up. Well done to stop yourself, throw the food out, come online and get back to it!

We can do this -- and cool about the date thing. I wonder if there be loads people getting married today?

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Yes the date thing!

My brother and his fiance are getting married this year 10-10-10! lol ..daft brushes them two !