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so pleased!!


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I'm over halfway to my target!!

I've never ever ever got this far on a diet before.. I normally lose just over a stone before getting bored and giving up so I'm really pleased with myself. Of course this diet is a lot faster than the others so less chance of getting bored.. but I'm thinking about food so much more than usual I'm amazed I've not cracked!!

and I've just had to go and buy cakes for work as it's my birthday next week (but I'm not there as I've booked the days off :D) and I'm not even allowed to eat them!!! that's just plain mean.

I think I'll put on my new small jeans tomorrow, if I can barely breathe in them then there definitely won't be room for cake :whistle:
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Well Done!

You're doing great-Keep it up xx


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thanks guys :) I hope it doesn't take too long to get to goal, the speed is what keeps me going!!


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Thats absolutely brilliant, well done you!


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Oh well done! I hope I am posting the same thing soon! xx
of course you will be!! and not too long given how well you've started!!


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Brilliant news, Liz. Keep it up!


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Fantastic ... shopping spree for new jeans too!
bev don't get me started on jeans!! I've got 3 pairs of size 18, all of which are way too big and I don't need to undo them anymore!! so I went and bought 2 pairs of size 16's in matalan.. tried one on, perfect fit... went to see if they had another pair and thought "oh I'll get the darker ones".. same brand, same style, same size on the label... different colour... they're smaller!!

they fit better today than they did when i bought them though :D

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