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so sick :(


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I've been quite sick today, and still just don't feel right. I've had continual heart burn for about 3days now, and the rash i usually get while on LT is spreading all over my stomach. :( i'm not giving up and haven't touched a thing.. but i need to moan cos i really do feel awful :(
any1 else get the heart burn and vomiting?
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No - I never had either of those symptoms. I think you should phone the LT helpline and talk to them about it. They are very helpful - it maybe that you are allergic to something in the shakes? It doesn't sound right to me and your health should come first: there are plenty of alternative VLCDs you could do instead.

Hope you feel better soon
Only in my 1st week.
No problems like that myself thankfully.

Sorry your unwell.
Goodness, I agree with Jon - it does sound like an allergic reaction. Phone them or visit your pharmacy I would say. Feel better soon xx
sweeetie! you poor thing.. i dont have the rash but i do have the heartburn and vomitting. i dont think its lipotrim related well mine isnt i think its just a bug. you might want to ring the doc maybe about the rash though. poor thing, remember your health comes first get your strengths up....get well soon x
Hope you are feeling a bit better. I had the sickness bug and had a rash with it which the doc told me was a viral rash and advised me to take Piriton to help with it. I would go and see the doc if I was you. Take it easy x x x


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Going to the doctors tomorro anyways about my knee, so will speak to them about it then. Hopefully i feel better, this is hard enough :)

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