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so sick :(


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I've been quite sick today, and still just don't feel right. I've had continual heart burn for about 3days now, and the rash i usually get while on LT is spreading all over my stomach. :( i'm not giving up and haven't touched a thing.. but i need to moan cos i really do feel awful :(
any1 else get the heart burn and vomiting?
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No - I never had either of those symptoms. I think you should phone the LT helpline and talk to them about it. They are very helpful - it maybe that you are allergic to something in the shakes? It doesn't sound right to me and your health should come first: there are plenty of alternative VLCDs you could do instead.

Hope you feel better soon


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Goodness, I agree with Jon - it does sound like an allergic reaction. Phone them or visit your pharmacy I would say. Feel better soon xx


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sweeetie! you poor thing.. i dont have the rash but i do have the heartburn and vomitting. i dont think its lipotrim related well mine isnt i think its just a bug. you might want to ring the doc maybe about the rash though. poor thing, remember your health comes first get your strengths up....get well soon x


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Going to the doctors tomorro anyways about my knee, so will speak to them about it then. Hopefully i feel better, this is hard enough :)


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feel better soon as jon says if its an allergy to LT you could try another vlcd??? hope you don't have to stop there does seem to be an awful lot of people saying they've had a bug recently could be that?? let us no what doc says xx:)