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so stressful

Its nearly a week after having one wisdom tooth out and still unable to eat normally struggle to eat simple things like scrambled eggs and tinned tuna let along meat. So nearly packed it in today just to be able to eat something like mash potato but am going to plod on just so ennoying that it takes hour to eat plain chicken breast and causing pain in process. Thats my moan over for today
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What a bummer, Nicole.

But keep plodding. You'll be chuffed when your teeth are back to normal and you didn't give in!


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Ouch - I feel your pain!

What about things like mashed butternut squash or cauliflower?
Grilled tomatoes?

And could you get hold of an ice-cream maker? (I got mine for less than £15 in Robert Dyas). A few tablespoons of zero-fat yogurt, splenda and a toffee mullerlight make a bowl of creamy whipped ice-cream in just 20 minutes.


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Have you got a food processor / mixer? Blitx the cooked chicken with some fromage frais and lots of seasoning to make 'pate' which needs no chewing. Think 'babyfood' - not what you want to be considering I know, but you can just grind down any food, and eat it that way.

Also: I made some chicken (or any other suitable meat) meatballs last week - take a chicken breast or two (raw), and grind/chop down in the mixer. Add an egg (maybe less), seasoning, herbs, and then cook by dropping teaspoonfuls into simmering soup or stew. Simmer for a few minutes and done - and hardly any chewing required....

Good luck I'm sure it must get better soon! I had some of my wisdom teeth out one at a time (local anaesthetic), lessens the impact a bit, but yes I had stitches too. My commiserations!!
You've probably got dry socket like I had, if you have, I really feel for you as it's agony. But the dentist just packed it up with a zinc? dressing and honestly it felt instantly a lot better. Fingers crossed you're out of pain soon. *hugs*


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If it's dry socket - yes, Oh lord, that hurts like nothing else on earth - no wonder you've been feeling rough!

But the plus side is - as soon as it's treated you'll feel MILES better.

And it isn't typical of all wisdom tooth extractions.
What a day after being sat around for hours waiting for someone to look in mouth they took one look and fobbed me off with bottle of mouth was which is what I use anyway so still in pain x


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I have my fingers crossed for you - I've been through this with one of my wisdom teeth, so I really feel for you. Pain in the skull is like no pain on earth, and it really does make you miserable.

To reassure you - my other 2 extractions* were practically painless, so what you have experienced shouldn't reoccur next time.

(I only had 3 wisdom teeth - my family had a lot of fun with "she's still one tooth short of growing up".)
Lol ive had two children and id rather go through that then experience another day of the pain ive been having lol. Just proves I was palmed off yesterday at hospital that good old English nhs for you.


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I was just telling a colleague that dry socket was worse than childbirth!
I know that feeling, after I had mine I called NHS direct after a few days in agony, and the response I got was "it's supposed to hurt, they 'hyperextend' your jaw to get it out, it's meant to hurt" Um thanks... suffered it for a week, couldn't stand it anymore, went back to the dentist and he was like why the heck didn't you come in sooner!

I've just booked in my next wisdom tooth extraction...oh joys...


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My advice - always always always try to talk to a dentist about the pain. They know how much worse dental pain is - they have to inflict it!
And they learn to judge when the patient is in agony rather than discomfort.

When I got Dry Socket the health centre sent me home on Sat morning with painkillers.
When the dental hospital looked at them on Monday morning, they actually laughed, and threw them aside, saying "you don't need those little things - you need THIS!" and pulled out a morphine drip!

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