So what's everyone had for breakfast and what's everyone having for lunch today?!


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Hi folks, just wondering what everyone is eating today!! For brekkie I had 3 Ryvita with cottage cheese mixed with a bit of sweet chilli sauce and an orange (orange was separate!)! Ooh I lead such an exciting life!! It was a late brekkie as I've worked all weekend and had a lovely lie-in! So only now starting to think what I could have for lunch! Inspiration would be lovely! Plenty of food here but haven't got a clue what to cook!!!x
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Hey Hun, I had a gala apple and a mullerlight for brekkie and im having the same for lunch plus a ham cheese and leek pasta n sauce.

Happy Holidays

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I'm on a green day today.

Breakfast, polenta porridge with raspberries

Mid morning snack - apple

Lunch, couscous (made with marmite), toms, cucumber & hex cheese, followed by low fat yoghurt.

Mid afternoon snack - grapefruit

Tea, depends what OH is making.

I'm saving my hexb for supper, possibly 3 krisprolls, or wholemeal bread.


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I've had bacon and eggs for breakfast. Chips and beans for lunch, and now I'm goint to had a fruit salad.


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On green today.

For breakfast I had: 1 Costa black Americano, 1 Muller Light, 2 Alpen Light Bars (HEB), 1 apple.

For lunch I had: 4 Ryvita (HEB), 4 Laughing Cow Extra Light triangles (HEA - know I can have 6, but don't see the point on 4 Ryvita).

Mid afternoon snack will be a banana and a few clementines.

For dinner tonight we are having Quorn Spag Bol - with lots of garlic mushrooms and onions! Have some Sugar Free Jelly that was made for dinner yesterday that hadn't set in time too :D

Bedtime is a glass of milk - my last HEA.

All of my days are pretty much the same Mon-Fri - it is only the evening meal that changes.


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banana and pear for breakfast and a mugshot, pear and roast chicken for lunch.


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I'm on EE today and had some soup for brekki (HB) and am having morroccan lamb casserole (done in the slow cooker overnight with loads of veg in and morroccan spices) with a jackie P for lunch ........ yummoooo!

Dinner will probably be some sort of chicken & veg concoction, maybe with rice.

Snacks will be fruit and yog.
HA for today is milk in drinks.


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On red today, but its also WI day so I usually eat something substantial around 11 to see me through to mid afternoon so I can have a small snack before I leave for class.

For brunch I have had, ww bacon, mushrooms, tin toms, brown sauce (1/2 syn) 2 ww white bread toasted (heb2) and 2 boiled eggs :D it was good.

Just had a banana and a bag of quavers (4.5 syns)

so will have something to nibble around 5 (probably apple and cheese, hea ) and then go to WI then have my tea, which will probably be sw chips (heb), steak and roast veg and salad.


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42g of Crunchy Bran (HEB) Milk (HEA) with pineapple


Wholewheat pasta with tomatos, carrots, grapes, cucumber & peppers with sin free salad dressing.

For tea I'm going to have sin free chips after college & a mug shot before to keep me going

OH I've just realised I can have extra A & Bs as on a green day


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Hey ladies!

I had Ready Brek (HEA) & a coffee for Brekkie then Pasta n Sauce (Mac n Cheese) (HEA & water) & an orange, might have some melon in a bit!



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red day
breakfast scrambled egg and smoked salmon
lunch fresh salmon sandwich heb and 1 syn mayo
fomage frais with options 2 syns
options drink 2 syns
dinner maybe meatballs and veg
grapes and one banana

Happy Holidays

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Whats Polenta and where in the supermarket would you find it? Really stupid question I'm sure, but I've honestly never heard of it and really want to try this recipe. xx


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grapefruit, egg on wholemeal toast (HEB)
some cherries
Lunch - Szechuan beef (out of the jan/feb magazine) served with rice, the magazine serves 4 but a 4 me & OH, very nice and he loved it 1/4 wouldn't have filled me or the OH who loved it!
now having 3 clementines and will have some SW key lime cheesecake later!


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Whats Polenta and where in the supermarket would you find it? Really stupid question I'm sure, but I've honestly never heard of it and really want to try this recipe. xx

It's made from cornmeal! As well as making the porridge, which apparently tastes a bit semolina-like, you can have it as an alternative to mashed potato and you can make it into/buy it in a block and slice and grill/fry it! They have it a lot in the deep south in places like Kentucky and Louisiana and in the West Indies!X