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So worried about first weigh in - considering not going back!!!! Help!!!

Hi everyone,

I'm new here and I've been on slimming world for the past week. My club 10 target is 10st 1 1/2lb which is more or less my PAT target, dont have loads to lose but would lik to get back into my short etc before I go on holiday in April which my consultant says is more than achievable.

The problem is I feel worse then when I started and I'm so worried about my weigh in tomorrow that I'm seriously considering not going! I've stuck to the extra easy plan (witha bit of a blow out with alcohol at the weekend, but I compensated on my Syns for that) yet I feel as if I've put weight on, and I feel so sluggish and bloated.

Yesterday and today have been especially hard as I was craving chocolate. I resisted yesterday, but gave in today and had a fun size milk way (3 1/2 syns.)

Anyway I was feeling a bit low and I don't wnat to give up and was hoping for some pointers as to where I'm going wrong.

Thanks!! :confused:

Day 1

Free foods: new potatoes, lamb steak (fat removed) Jacket potato (no butter) baked beans, mint sauce.

Superfree: pineapple, cauliflower carrots lettuce cucumber

HE: 250ml semi skimmed milk, 2 weetabix

Syns: 1 tsp sugar (1syn) 1 golden crunch biscuit (3 1/2 syns) gravy (3 syns) Total - 7 1/2

drinks : diet coke, tea (milk from HE) sweetner

Day 2

Free: Boiled rice, strawberry mullerlight, chicken tikka masala (following recipe from supercharged slimming book)

Super: melon, watermelon

HE: 250ml semi skimmed milk, 2 weetabix

Syns: 2 popadoms (4 each) Low sugar hartleys jelly (1/2) Total 8 1/2

drinks: tea with sweetner (milk from HE), low cal cordial

Day 3

free: poached egg,
toffee mullerlight
roast chicken - no skin
2 slices cooked ham

super: cucumber sticks, carrots sticks baby plum tomatoes

HE: 2 laughing cow triangles, light, 2 slices whole meal bread.

Syns: cant believe is not butter (3syn) 2 peices scampi in breadcrum (3) 4 malibu 25ml (16) total: 22 syns

diet coke low cal cordial

Day 4
free: lean gammon steak - grilled. petits pois. SW chips toffee mullerlight, poached egg.

super: pineapple

HE: 250ml semi skimmed milk, 2 weetabix

syn: extra light mayo 1tbsp (1/2) hartley reduced sugar jelly (1/2) 1 syn

diet coke, tea (milk from HE) sweetner

day 5

free: vanilla mullerlight, tinned tuna, 5 safood sticks.

super: pineaple, cucumber melon watermelon baby plum toms lettuce spring onion peppers

HE: 250ml semi skimmed milk, 2 weetabix

syns: hartleys jelly low sug 1/2 2 tbsp extra light mayo 1 total 1 1/2 syns

sweetner diet coke

Day 6

free (and superfree?): 2 boiled eggs, white pasta,boiled rice marinara sauce (tinned toms, spring onion, tinned tuna fresh garlic and herbs) Chilli con carne (from super charged slimming) 3 seafood sticks

HE: 2 slices wholemeal bread

Syns : 1 milkway fun size - 3 1/2syns

low cal cordial

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get your arse to the club missus!!!! I get like that just before weigh in, it's psychological and I always feel about a stone heavier! I'm sure you'll be fine. Good luck hun! x
I've also been doing the diet for a week. I'm struggling to fill myself cos I'm struggling with meals and there's no real setting for snacks. I'm worried about my first weigh in tomorrow. Thinking I could potentially be the first ever SW member NOT to lose on their first week!

But if you go, I'll go!
I think everyone feels the same at first weigh in if you have been a member before or not!

Going to group is such a good idea.

Chances are you will have a nice loss, but if not then at least with a little help from your consultant/other members, you will see that we are all human and all think we have done worse than we have.:sigh::sigh:

You will be able to pick it up and run with it at group, rather than carry on as you are and get stuck and frustrated at home with no support!! Don't give up! Take it steady! Stay focused and GO TO GROUP!!!;);)
Thanks for the kick up the bum girlies!! I texted my consultant and told her how I was feeling and she was really supportive even offering for me to come a bit earlier if I was really nervous. My friend has just dragged me to a dancacise class so I feel less sluggish.
Well as I'm convinced I've put on weight too we can be the first SW members to do that together lol. My consultant said it might not be that I'm doing it wrong but that something needs tweaking in order for it to suit me so it was worth keeping the food diary and having that to go through with her.
I'm still nervous but I'm going to go! I'll let you know how I get on!

Thanks again all!
I felt EXACTLY the same you as the first week i did slimming world....how the hell can i eat all this and lose weight? I felt HUGE. Weighed myself...5lbs lost :) We are programmed to think "to lose weight we must not eat"...so starting slimming world where to lose weight you MUST eat...confuses your mind a bit! I bet you will have a loss!! And never be afraid to eat your syns..i lose far more if i have some syns each day. And lets be honest....how rubbish a day would it be without a piece of choccie? :)

Good luck! xx
Well I'm back from class and you were all right! I had a loss of 3 1/2lbs!! ? I'm really pleased! I'm hoping for a loss next week too and then my weight will start with a whole new number!
I spoke to my consultant who said it's normal to feel a bit bloated until your body gets used to it but after looking at my diary she said I seemed to have got a good handle of the plan. The other good thing is that the plan has made me re-find my love of cooking again so I've bought the curry book for me and the hubby for Saturday night and the pudding one, because, as you said, we all need a bit of choccy in our lives! Talkin to a lady at group tonight who had had a good loss told me a little tip if a chocolate option with a very quick squirt of aerosol low far cream for about 2.5 syns! I was shocked at such an indulgence and looking forward to snuggling up with one and a good book over the weekend!!

Sorry for the long post but thank you to you all sooooo much! And lilliceee I hope you had as good experience as me at your group and got a nice little loss too

Liking this post very much, especially the hot choc tip! Well done hun xx
Sorry for my delay in letting you know about my WI. I was lucky and lost 2lbs.not as much as I hoped but better than nothing.

Unfortunately tonight I am off for a curry with friends so i am having a flexi - syn day. Maybe not lose anything next week but hope not to put on.

Well done Jennyc for you massive weight loss. Check you all worried as well. Congrats girl!
Haha that's so bizarre that's exactly what I've done tonight but back to food optimising tomorrow. Well done on your weight loss and stick with it and enjoy your curry!! Xx

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