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Some Advice please


Okay so my CDC is on her hols and I need a little advice please.

I've got just under 1/2 a stone to go to target (although may go a little lighter yet - not decided) but I'm really struggling lately.

I'm currently on 810 but I seem to be entering a viscious circle of having 3/4 days of being really good and then having a day of being naughty - not going wild but having a sarnie or something.:sigh: I need to stop this somehow - any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated.


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H.A.L.T just found this and its fab!!!
Are you...Hungry, Angry,Lonely or Tired??? if you are hungry then have some food you are allowed or a jelly or something but be good!!!! if your anything else food wont help so do something else productive :)))
i have done the same previously but just involve yourself in other things or spend time with someone you know wont let you slip :)
good luck you wil be fine
one day your doing fantastic dont give up! please ... wen i came out of 810 to go to 1000 thats where i messed up i was putting on weight daily and i was so upset i just ate more ending in a 8 pound gain ( dont forget wen your body comes out of ketosis u may gain slightly dont panic like i did and make things worse ( its just your body gaining the water back it lost on the first week you started my weight settled after the week i left ketosis and now its started to go down again :D
All I can quote is "keep your eye on the prize". Grit your teeth and just do it - you know you can if that's what you truly want!


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You are not the only one struggling with the last 7 - 14lbs:sigh:

I have got 9lbs to go (maybe a bit more - I haven't quite decided) and the last few days have been terrible. I am majorly stressed at work and due totm so none of that is helping:rolleyes:

They are just excuses and I need to get back on track and stick to 810 religiously. I am on Day 1 of my 810 beginning.

I hope you can find a way to get back to it and stay there too - if you do, can you tell me the secret???

Good luck and take care:p


Hi Oneday:)
I know exactly how you feel, I struggled towards the end on 810 with a few days good, one day not-so good day. Felt as if I would never get to target.

I was also worried about going up to even more food on the 1000 plan.

What got me over the finishing line was exercise. I missed the gym but I found on SS it caused my weight to fluctuate or slow down. I also beat myself up if I 'added' stuff I shouldn't on 810 (I was on the old plan so it was 790).....so.....I got back to the gym.

I haven't been an 'angel' on 790 but I paid my 'penance' in the gym and raced over the finish line!

Doesn't have to be the gym, any increase in activity/exercise will help....(hope I have helped to!!;))
Thanks for the replies. I'm glad its just not me who finds this bit hard!!

Exercise is probably the way to do it but I'm very restricted at the moment (long story but bad back and having physio at the mo). I'm sure I can find something that I can do though.

Thanks again

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