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Someone noticed

Hi all. One my work colleagues at work asked me how much I have lost. I was amazed because I haven't told anyone but my immediate family about my diet. Anyway, I got this huge grin on my face :D and said "why does it look like I lost weight"? And she said yes. I still have a silly grin on my face thinking about it now.

Just thought I would share, hope it doesn't sound silly!

Angel X
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i hope you continue grinning all night! feels nice doesnt it when somone takes notice...
keep it up and just imagine the smile then!! well done
Angel don't you worry that doesn't sound silly at all ---- sounds great to me!

It's lovely when people notice, really makes all the difference .... you should be very proud of your achievement so far.

I believe (and keep on saying) that it's how we look both to ourselves and others that makes a big difference to this diet - sometimes later on in the diet you don't notice any/much movement on the scale but you'll find that clothes fit you more or better that week --- other weeks big losses you barely notice...... everyone (including you) sees your body change whereas there's only you and your LLC that see the numbers on the scale, so never worry if they don't seem so great.
Thanks for those words Katie. I just noted your crunch ticker. Are you really going to do 35 every day? I don't think I could even do one at the moment.

Angel X
LOL I am -- believe you when I started doing them about 4 weeks ago I couldn't do them at all --- really struggled to get a bit of me off the floor. Has become easier each time though.


longs to be average!
It really is good isn't it when someone makes a comment like that - someone at work said to me today that my face looks really thin now - but what I heard was "don't you still have a fat tummy and bum!!" But I guess that's just me!!


Striving for slimness
I'm smiling so much reading this thread, reminds me of how good it feels. It really makes it worth it when people start noticing, gives you a little boost every time that helps you through any tough moment! well done Angel eyes!!

p.s: Katie my gosh!!! You must have stomach muscles of steel doing that many crunches! I'm with AE on the whole couldn't do one thing hehe
Seriously Donna about 3 or 4 weeks ago I was doing them in 10's and then I was having a break after 2! I just kept at it and at it and each week I could do a bit more without stopping etc. I have my 14yr old son do them with me some evenings so he gains from it as well, as well as spurring me on. You'd be surprised at how your body gets used to it ...... give it a go :D
Same here BL which is why I put my ticker back - I hardly did them last week ...... time for that to change!
Yeah! I am still sorting out my signature - it blocked me again last night so I deleted my holiday ticker. Will have to look at what I am doing wrong. But it was a great reminded having it!!
Shamne my mind is not powerful enough to rememeber on its own!! DOH!! :D


Full Member
I've maintained my initial 2 stone loss for a month now... (Ia am starting on my second 'push' this week)... I am still getting loads of people saying... "Wow, you have lots loads more!" and I have to explain, "No, still just the 2 stone."... I think they only say it to encourage or be polite.
Well done Angel Eyes!!

I have lost over 2stone 7lbs now and only about 3 people have said anything to me. Some people have even said that I look the same!! (I can't possibly as have gone from a size 20 to 14) Has anyone else experienced the same sort of thing? I'm wondering if people are too worried to say anything as weight is such a sensitive topic!


Silver Member
Kate, you're right, I think people are often worried when it comes to weight... tricky subject sometimes (I'm sure after the weight you've lost you really do look different)... way to go angel eyes... fantastic feeling when people do comment :D

Deb G

Silver Member
Well done - great isn't it!

My dad's coming to visit this week, and the last time he saw me I'd lost 3 stone and weight 11st7. Now I have lost ANOTHER 3 stone and am 8st7. I think it will be a shock to his system!!!
Yes Kate - it took ages! I have nearly lost 3 stone, gone down 3-4 sizes depending on the cut - and not one of my teammates has commented. lol - Yesterday I gave one of them a telling off because she came back to her desk rambling and gushing about another worker who lost 1 stone! lol -so I pointed out, "Eexcuse me....I have lost THREE!!" LOL I don't know why they don't comment. It used to upset me, now it makes me laugh.

The main and most important thing is, WE know. And one day they will have to acknowledge it. :D

Deb G

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Well done you! Its great when people who DON't know that you're dieting notice, because then you know it is genuine, and not people just trying to make you feel better even if they can't see the difference!

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