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Something good I guess :)


One last chance
Yesterday, I was pretty bumbed out about losing 1lb, I kind of still am. But today I tried on a pair of size 12 jeans that I bought some weeks ago, regretting it, I slipped them on and I am really happy to say that I am finally a size 12 in jeans :D. They're a little tight, but I can finally button them up.

My mum isn't too happy though, but I don't give a toss. I'm at one of the sizes I really wanted to be.

A lot of people have advised me to refeed and I'm considering it. I read that a women lost weight and got into a smaller size from toning up.

So I'm thinking of doing LT for 2 more weeks, toning exersises, then I'm going to refeed. My god that's spooky :rolleyes:.

What do you guys think?
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:wow: well done yas - size 12 - fantastic!!!!

Why an earth isnt your mum pleased for you????

Yeah i think you have a good plan there - i think you could lose your last little bit via refeed - and i reckon maybe you might lose more on refeed as quite posibly your body has hit a wall with tfr :)

Good luck with it chick - not that you need it! :)


Here we go again!
Well done Yasmine on the size 12s! That's fantastic for you. You must be so chuffed and should be really proud of yourself. You have done so well on LT.

I think your family are just a little worried that you might go too far on this diet, as are some of mine. At 39 I think I know how much weight I can lose!

I think your refeeding plan sounds really sensible. I think you could lose the last pounds by refeeding and toning up too. Sounds like a good plan to me! Good luck for refeeding and don't worry about it, we've all to do it sometime and you will be fine!
I ve just been looking at your photos, you have done amazing!! well done, you ve come such a long way. I think size 12 is a nice size, but it is what you are happy with hun. I am now in size 12 and loving it!!! never thought I'd ever get so slim!!! xx
Thats brilliant yasmine SIZE 12 :happy096: . I agree with mini though I think your mum is just afraid you will go too far and the best way to reassure her is to explain your plan to refeed to her and reassure her that your goal is not unrealistic for your height. (maybe show her the BMI chart you can get in the chemist ) . Sometimes if your whole family tend to be a bit overweight(like mine) they get scared to see someone loose weight. I think your plan sounds very sensible and dont worry we will all be here to help you;);)


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Sounds like you know exactly what you want and the plan is a sensible idea. Explain this to your mum so she aint worried. (although as a mum I can tell you she will still worry whether or not. dont worry thats just her job).
You have done amazingly well!


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I think thats a fantastic plan Yas! Well done hun! x
I agree with everyone else. I think your body needs the re-feed and you will find that you will lose on re feed. Your mum will be happy to see you eat again too!!! You really have done so well. WHHOO HOO on the size 12!!! Cant wait to be there too..


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Sounds like a really good and sensible plan to me as well Yas .... I know it's scarey but you'll be fine. We all have to do it at some point. xx


One last chance
Thank you so much everyone.

You've all been so supportive and helpful, I know I don't know any of you guys well, but I love you all :).

Without you guys and this site, I don't know what I'd do.


On a mission
Wow Yas size 12 is fantastic, well done. I think re feed is definately the way to go for you now xx


One last chance
Wow Yas size 12 is fantastic, well done. I think re feed is definately the way to go for you now xx
Thank you very much. I didn't think I would reach size 12 at the rate I was going, it's kinda like I lost inches of fat over night.

I'm a little nervous about refeed but a little exited too.
Hi Yasmine, yes...I really feel it's the time to take the bull by the horns and finish off your weight loss with the re-feeding and maintenance, if not to put your mum's mind at rest, but to show you that healthy food is your friend and not your scary enemy. Your weight-loss has slowed considerably because you are at a healthy weight now. A size 12 sounds great, well done for the achievement and amazing discipline you have shown. I will shortly be refeeding as a size 14 really does suit my frame and age! Good luck.


One last chance
Omg I completely forgot to reply to this!

Thank you so much :hug99:
You are absolutely right, I have actually noticed the weightloss I have had on a photo my friend took of me and I'm glad I stopped. Anymore, and I really would look anorexic.

Nearly in 14 trousers eh! well done! bet you can't wait for that :D.


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well done, size 12 is fab :D! u've come a long long way, well done and good luck however u decide to get to ur end goal x


One last chance
well done, size 12 is fab :D! u've come a long long way, well done and good luck however u decide to get to ur end goal x
Thank you very much Mel :)

I've started refeed and plan to do this for 2 weeks. Then it's off to practise maintenance.

How are you doing so far?
that's sooo wonderful hun!! so pleased for you! can't wait to be there!!

i echo what everyone else has said, your mum will be worrying you dont take it too far. as suggested already tho, just show her a BMI chart or something.

she must be thrilled for you, but now that you are slim, she'll need something else to worry about! so this is obviously what she's going with to start with!

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