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Sona's Slimfast Diary

Day 1, Week 1

Kinda started one day ahead of planned as there is no food in the house and all the shops are closed!!

B- Slimfast starwberry shake
S- nothing yet but planning to have one soon
L- Will be a shake
S- Some tangerines
D- Wheat flour chappati and Dhaal (lentils)

I had a lad brekki shake and feel fine so far. Although i think im going to be one of the people that suffer from a bad tummy at first! Im going to stick it out as last time i thought this was a sign to stop using!
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p.s also had the shake with semi skimmed milk! no Skimmed at home and n shops open so will have to make do today... anyway... this is more or less a test day! Right off to the park with my lil one!


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hi sona
well done on the diary wish id thought of it. my tummy was upset at first its ok now though get a lot of ermm wind though. will enjoy reading the diary good luck
Hi hun!
well first day so far has been a bit weird!
I had a late brekki shake
then at 3pm i didnt fancy a shake so had one weetabix n milk so less than 100kcal.

Im having my second shake now at 6pm!
Will probs have a late dinner tho.. i'v still gota cook my lentils!
have been out with the little one to park tday.. still gota do my 30 mins on stepper.. planning to do that about 7.30 once my lentils are cooked.
This will probs be my menu tomorow... hope the copy n paste works!

Breakfast Calories Fat Sat Fat Carbs Fiber Sugar ultra slim brekki, 1 meal 212 3 1 32 0 0

212 3 1 32 0 0
Lunch slim fast strawberry lunch, 1 meal 217 3 0 34 4 30
217 3 0 34 4 30
Dinner Home Made - Roti, 1 piece 116 1 0 25 4 0
Home Prepared - Lentil - Indian Dal - Mung-Masoor, 100 g 353 1 0 60 11 2
469 2 0 85 15 2
Snacks Coke - Diet Cherry Coke Zero (20 oz Bottle), 8 oz. (240 ml) 0 0 0 0 0 0
Kellogs Special K - Bliss Chocolatey Dipped Raspberry Cereal Bar, 1 Bar 90 2 1 17 1 9
Gala Apple - Gala Apples , 1 medium apple 80 0 0 21 4 16

170 2 1 38 5 25
Totals 1,068 10 2 189 24 57
Your Daily Goal 1,330 44 15 183 15 27
Remaining 262 34 13 -6 -9 -30

Calories Fat Sat Fat Carbs Fiber Sugar

Hi, just wanted to wish you luck with slim fast. I must admit i tried slim fast a few years ago now but i could not get on with it because i did not feel like i was eating proper food. I have just started a diet with go lower and have found it a positive experience so far.


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menu for tomorrow looks lovely sona what is roti you will have to put the recepie on here
lol roti is chappati flour and water made in to a dough
rolled out like a pizza base but smaller and then cooked on
a flat pan on both sides till cooked. If youv ever ate indian its
the chappati u get with it.

Anyway, i ended up having 1.5 chappati which is a bit much but im stuffed now! I have been getting the pooping in my tummy and the wind.. lolz thankfully its not smelly!!

Gona try not to weight myself now till friday which will be my WI day.

Today wasnt fantastic as i wasnt very hungry during the day but got more hungry at night! I dont want to over eat due to this!

I endedp up having

B- shake
3pm snack - 1 weetabix with milk
a few quavers crisps from my lil boy.

L- 6pm shake
D- 1.5 chappatis and 1 cup lentils

Tomorow should be better once ive got the shopping in!
with that..

goodnight x
hi sona

i am new to this site but i was following you when you did weight watchers and like myself i didnt lose weight loll but it could have been down to the fact i eat indian food in the evening that my mother in law cooks and could never work out the points. How are you finding slim fast?
Hey Saira!
How you doin?
I actually went from WW to xenical cal to WW then to Atkins and have only managed to maintain! So here i am read to try shock my body in to moving again!! This was my second day but 1st official day.. it went alright. i had a shake for brekki 9.30. Shake at 2.30 after my tesco run.. then at 4ish i had a tangerine.. i was a bit peckish then.. at about 5.30 i had another tangerine. For dinner at 8pm i had a roti with white flour no added anything.. ( will get some wheat flour soon) and I had some Moong and masoor mixed dhal that i made myself. This seems to be quite filling for me. I do the tharka bit of the dhal with a tbls of oil and a few bits of garlic crushed.

Slim fast is giving me bad wind!! lol TMI sorry and i keep getting popping noices in my tummy also getting an upset stomach!. Last time i had this effect was in 2007 when i last tried SF and i gave up (also fell pregnant at that time) but now iv learned that it happens to some people but it will pass.

Tomorow is my 1st day doing the diet at work.. im a bit nervous! Im trying to figre out how to take the milk to work! lol

Ive decided to go for:
shake for brekki - 8am
Kellogs bar for snack 10am
shake for lunch - 1.30 pm
ww yogart - either 4.30 at work or 6.30 when i get home
Dinner - which will be dhaal and roti again tomorow.

Il keep u posted on my progress.

Feels like im talking to myself its soo dead in here...
doesnt create a very good impression about slimfast if no one is on the forum! Does it not work for very long? hmmm

anyway the plan for today ( 1st day at work with the diet)

B- SF strawberry shake
S- Kellogs cereal bar
L- US chocolate shake
S- WW yogart
D- Dhaal and chappati
S- Fruit

I put my thermos in the fridge last night to make it cold.. then added my milk for this afternoon. I really hope this works and the milk does not go off! If not im gona be stuck with semi skimmed milk or my shakes as apose to skimmed. How much diff does it make?
hi sona im here but at work can only sneak on now and again.. good luck for today. slimfast does work if you want it to i lost another 2 pounds this morning. im drinking mine with semi skimmed milk to.. makes it creamier. you milk will be fine. we have a fridge at work and they supply the milk for cups of teas so i just leave my powder here.. so i have it a bit easier.. well must pop off talk to you later have a good day :D


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you must give us some receipes of your cooking sounds lush
Hey peanut! thnaks for reply its nice to have someone write back!lolz Im really inspired by you! I feel good doing this knowing that it does work! Im one of those people that reads n reads n reads about stuff!! and ive seen mixed reviews about SF and US but i still gota try it! !st diet day at work going well! Have stuck to my plan so far! Did get a bit pekkish before lunch was due but sipped my choc shake slowly and bought a bottle of diet coke n cherry to get me through the day!
Do you know how the calories are effected if having with semi skimmed?

Hey sam! ur sig made me laugh! weapon of mass confusion! hehe
My recipies? i havent got that many! I have had some ideas on what to eat tho as i want to mix n match my dinners with indian food and well none indian food! For exaple tomorow i plan to have a Quron burger without the bun, fish in butter sauce and steam veg with a dash of french dressing! maybe some pepper as i dont eat bland food!

Watch this space! lolz

oh.. i will be trying out some mini crustless quiches soon.
hi sona hope your day was good to be honest im not too bothered by the difference in the semi or skimmed i would imagine it would be up by a few but i always have some calories left over. at the end of the day.. had a lovely chicken hotpot for tea with a lot of veg .. had a couple of the slimfast snacks today they were ohhhh so yummy. had to get some windeeze today suffering really bad i think its all the sugar free gum i have been chewing so not having any tomorrow and see if it helps. better to eliminate first but i really dont think its the ultraslim have been on it nearly 5 weeks now. really enjoying it got cafe latte tomorrow looking forward to that..(sad or what) lol. love the fish in butter sauce yummy cant really eat indian food within an hour im on the loo for 2 but hubby enjoys it so i just watch him eat it lol but there is so much healthy stuff out now i love the quorn burgers mince etc i tend ti use it a lot rest of family never notice they think its real meat ...
talk to you soon
mini crustless quiches

oh my days give me the recepie !!!!
good morning sona hows it going this morning. well done so far. have a good day xx:)
Hey honey! how are you doing? whats ur plan for the day?

Just got in to work.. sipping on my 1st shake fo the day and had a tea on standby! Lolz

well had a fab time last night.. went movies with the hubby.. had a fight all the way there! lolz we made up before we went in tho! hehe
Kisk ass was a good movie! really funny! HAd half a paket of love hearts and chupa chup lolli instead of popcorn n nachos!! soo proud of myself!

I dont know if i mentioned that I have also been doing 30 mins on my stepper every night since sunday! woop! 260 calories! Although only did 25 mins yesterday!

Plan for today is
b- shake
S- kellogs bar
L- shake
S- ww yogart
D- fish, vegis, quarn burger and sauce.

I sooo look forward to my evening meal and i have started to eat my dinner earlier now! Which is good! Had a sneak peak at weight and its still 12.5 although it was 12.6 the day i started but i ALWAYS get this fluctualtion during the week.. SO fingers crossed. Gona try exersice again tonight.. 30 mins. IF i can pull it off for 5 days this week then 3 days a week from next week.. get a kick start. Got my ghy induction tomorow but cant start using till after next week as im working till 10 all week next week.. hmm anyway my boring life story! im just gona find that recipie...
Wow i just noticed ur ticker.. Well done on ur loss!! thats ace!! u gona smash it woman!
Crustless mini quiche
60.7 calories per quiche
(although on a recipie building site it said 79 cals)

5 eggs
1/2 cup skim milk
20g spinnach (or whatever u want mind the calories)
1/2 cup shredded cheese ( i used cheddar)
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp garlic powder

Mix all the above, pour in to 6 greased muffin cups. Bake in the over for 30 mins or untill set in the middle. Form should come out clean. Then let them cool.

Servings - 6
Cals - 60.7
Total fat - 2.0
Carbs - 2.2

Less calories using egg substitute or using 3 eggs and 2 egg whites.

I use http://recipes.sparkpeople.com/recipe-calculator.asp to work it out.
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