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ProPoints Sonia's diary

Hi guys thought I would start to add my diary on here. I'm doing ww online, mainly through my iPhone app. It's my 3rd week. First week I lost 5lbs which was great:) this week I lost 1lbs. The first week I only ate my daily points and didn't have any of the extra points or exercise points. Last week I had daily points and extras and some of my exercise points. I feel maybe I ate too much!! Any help will be appreciated I'm a bit alone as no one I know is doing ww and I don't have any friends for encouragement. Xx
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Hi everyone sorry it's on a bit late, had a accident in kickboxing got kicked in face when it was no head shots allowed got a very painful jaw:-(
My food for the day has been

2 weetabix 3pp
Milk skimmed 1 pp
Velvet crisps 2 pp
Chicken breast 100g 3pp
Asda low chips 80g 3pp
Bread roll 2pp
curly wurly 3pp
1slice ww bread 2 pp
1 slice of beef 1 pp
Ww choc muffin 5 pp
Ww custard 3 pp
Total 28
Kickboxing 90mins 18 pp
My joining weight was 13 stone
I'm now 12st 8lbs my weighing day is on Tuesday's

Hope this diary is ok thank you xxx
Hi sorry I didn't add my diary yesterday:-( I had
Weetabix 3pp
Milk 1 pp
2 packets Velvet crisps 5 pp
2 ww brown bread 4 pp
Ham 1 pp
Cheese 1 pp
Beef 1 pp
Potato 4 pp
Runner beans & carrots
Gravy 1 pp
Curly wurly 3 pp
Muffin 5 pp
Custard 3 pp

Total 32
Bit of a bad day for junk food:-( blame my injury lol
No for today's food started off ok but just ate too much :-( won't get a weight lose this week.

Weetabix 3 pp
Milk 1 pp

Bread 6 pp
Chicken 2 pp
Cabbage & broccoli
Gravy 1 pp
Potato 4 pp

Bread 5 pp
Ham 1 pp
Velvet crisps 2 pp
2 garlic balls 2 pp
Tesco profiterole 4 pp

Curly wurly 3 pp
Total 34 :-(

Walking 5 pp

Had bread from greggs I live there bread luckily we don't have one here.
Hope everyone is ok this evening xx


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Doesn't look too much at all especially if you are earning activity points.

velvet crunch are my saviour in the afternoons in work :)
Velvet crisps are so nice!!!!! I only have the spring onions ones:)

Thank u so much for your responses. My son just gave me a creme egg ice cream a bit disappointed for 6 points :-( xx

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