Sony PRS 505 Reader.. Ebook machine. Anyone use one ?


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I spotted one of these the other day and really really fancy one for my xmas pressie, if can drop enough hints to my hubby. :8855:

Anyone got one already ??? if yes what do you think of it ??

Many thanks. xx

P. S hope its ok to post it in the book club section.
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Hi I haven't got one of these, although did look into getting one as a lover of books thought it would be great.

However you can't get many books to download for it and the downloads you can get are the same price as normal books so I didn't really see the point.

At the moment I can't really see this taking off, and thought I would wait and see if it does, and then the price of books may come down. . . . .

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However you can't get many books to download for it and the downloads you can get are the same price as normal books so I didn't really see the point.

There's a lot more books available now for downloading, although you're right, they're not a lot cheaper. I was given a Sony E reader from my OH and it came with 100 classic books, most of which I haven't read and wouldn't have thought to buy.

Plus sides, when I was commuting to London daily I never had to worry about finishing a book half way through the journey and it was definitely easier to pack the one slim book going on holiday than my usual 2 - 3 beach reads.


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I was given a cool-er e book for mothers day (what a thoughtful child) and its good i like it - you can download a lot of books for it and there the same price as a normal paperback withthe benefits of being able to get it there and then no waiting for it and you can slip the e-reader into a bag or pocket and carry around up to 800 books on it..

but there pricey to buy mine was £189
the sony one £225 and it looks grey and boriing lol mines purple and pink


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Not sure if you've considered it buy if you get a windows mobile type phone then you can read books on there and you can use any ebook format, plus it one less thing to carry round :)

I'm always reading on mine.


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I got a Sony eReader for Christmas. The best tip I have is to get free downloads from the Project Gutenberg website ( If you don't know about Project Gutenberg, it is a website that is attempting to provide the full text of any published book that is in the "Public Domain" (i.e. one that is copyright free because the author has been dead for over 50 years).

OK, so you can't get the latest Dan Brown for nowt (that seems like an advantage to me, but I know I'm probably in the minority in thinking he's awful - well he can plot well, but his writing...), but it does mean that some books written as late as the 40s and 50s are starting to become available and the vast majority of "The Classics" are already there - also some incredibly obscure stuff.

Though obviously, since it's illegal, I'd never recommend downloading ebooks from Pirate Bay or other torrent websites, that would be one way to try to get the latest bestseller. Absolutely not saying that you should... or that I have. (ahem!)


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Read the books in 3 weeks starting from Mothers day last year, now awaiting the new one and a graphic novel plus The Host just ordered tonight.

Re reading Eclipse atm too.

Best set of books i've ever read!


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