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Soon to be slim!

Well hi there, my name is Mel, i am 25 and from Watford, I'm currently starting a VLCD - started Saturday with a start weight of 16 stone and 5lbs (eeek!) - I'm 5'4 without shoes.
I did a VLCD back in 2004 and lost 6.5 stone but i didn't do propper maintenance hence ending up where I am now, it is day 3 for me today and so far doing ok, lots of food cravings but i feel like its psychological rather than physical, i think ketosis has kicked in as my headaches gone and i have more energy than I did yesterday, i won't be such a grump this time around i hope!
So far feeling positive and determined, I will reach my goal this time, I've messed about for two many years and i just want to be happy once more with the way i look, at the moment I am unhappy unless fully dressed so yep, i need to shed some pounds... so here i am, day 3 and gonig well :)
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Welcome diamond and you will shine like one at the end of your journey....stick with it and stay strong, the worst is over with now...goodluck and keep posting.
Hi and thank you so much Hedgemage!

Well here we are, day 4 - I have decided to make a real effort to try and write here every single day, even if it is just a few lines, i figure will help keep me commited and running on track. I have alreadylooked at my calender and there will be a few days when I will be off the program but during those days I have decided i will try and maintain a state of ketosis, I have a work party on the 7th and the 14th of december, and i will be away xmas day and for a few days before and after so i plan to do controled eating, and as little carb as possible and no sugary things, not much of a way to spend christmas however last time, when i did this diet christmas was the start of it all going badly wrong as once i well and trully fell off the wagon as it were I just started using any excuse to go back to chocolate and cake etc so this year, yes i plan to break on set days but i also plan to limit damage as much as possible and then after that period it is back on until i see this through, no exceptions.
I have set my target weight at between 10.5 and 11 stone, I originally had a target weight of 10 stone initially but when I stopped before my lowest was at 11.10 and i only wished to loose about a stone more otherwise i feel i would look...to thin, at 11 stone 10 i was comfertably into a size 12 with a 27" waist and to be honest i think much smaller would look a little wrong so I am going for the 10.5/11stone mark, maybe technically overweight on the BMI charts but i can always decide to carry on if i get there and am not happy.
Day 4 is going ok, still have a headache but painkillers are taking the edge off, water drinknig is gonig well although I think i might need to take a portapotty to work due to the excessive loo trips, I worked out i was on just under 6L of water yesterday, so far today i have had 1.5 l but that will be 3 by the end of my working day, i have discovered drinking it hot helps.
I have had one tetra brick today, I have a pack in my bag but I'm not hungery and its sooo unappealing - i don't know I tend to think of these like "slim medicin" just something i have to have to produce the results I want, i think i'll wait till i finish work then go home and try and find a way to make it appealing...reminds me i need to invest in the wonderous invention of a microwave.
I have so far resisted the urge to step on my scales, i am not weighing in till friday morning, it will be 24 hours early as I am staying at a friends this weekend but i think i'd prefer that to late - I am remembering once again how in control I feel whilst on this program, it's a good feeling as in general my life and my diet lack organisation.
I can't stop myself looknig in the mirror and trying to see if anything shows, logically i know i've only lost a couple of pounds if anything and it can't possibly show but ho hum, i still look!
Well i'm off now, time to have a coffee and check my mail, I'll most likely come back later when the biccie tin is calling!
Well done so far! I think you must be going the right way about your days off. Planning in advance what you are going to do on the days when you will be breaking the diet sounds very wise. Good luck :)
WOOOO HOOOOO - Week 1 Weight in - 13lbs GONE, Vanished, Vamoosed, Poofed, Bye Bye - woot yayyy!!!!

I'm feeling so much more positive today and I've also got my energy back - and now i can eat bars - thanks Mochaj for the comment and to everyone thats commented and for your support so far

One very happy dia
Well here we are on day 9 - no more hunger thankfully and no more headaches...Now i'm just...hmm...well slightly bored and very much resolute, Just keep saying to myself...well this is your food for the next 3 months, get used to it, it wont last forever - I'm doing ok, was away this weekend hence not posting i wasnt near a pc but i'm back now and i didn't cheat, not even a nibble! My friends mum said to me...oohh you've lost weight, i didnt think it showed but apparently so, it seems its all come off my belly and waist so far..
And my journy goes on
Day 10 - Psychologically not such a good day, slipped up last night, forgot my last foodpack then went to my boyfriends house and ate like 7 large prawns, he had a pack and doesnt like them - I guess it's not the end of the world but i'd been doing so well :( I doubt it will have a massive effect on this weeks loss but that isn't the point, still, I've not wavered today though it was sooo tempting - just looknig forward to friday when i can way in and reafirm it is all worth it.
Day 12 - Weigh in day tomorrow - I can't wait - I'm actually excited and looknig forward to stepping on the scales, My clothes are already a little looser..... My goal is to be able to fit into the gorgeous size 16 dress I have for my christmas ball by dec 07 so here is hoping...

Water water andm ore water, pack after pack, slowly turning into the me that i feel on the inside :D
Weigh in day today - day 13 and another 6lbs down! *dances* wooo hooo.... Now for tromorrow, challenge 1 - the first of 3 xmas partys...low carb and control it is..

fat in the jing

as happy as a lark!
Hi Mel,
Have just read through your diary, you're doing so well....19 lbs in 2 weeks, a stone and 5 lbs in two weeks, that's absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!

Keep positive and keep thinking about how in control you are. I've felt so in control the whole time that I have been doing CD and I hope that feeling will remain when I take a break over the Christmas holidays and then when I come off CD completley....I feel that this practice of self-control now must be able to hang around later on....<she hopes and prays that that's what will happen anyhow!!!>

Hope that you're able to fit into your size 16 dress for your Christmas Party, I tried on a size 16 Oasis dress today that I bought more than 10 years ago and...it fits!!!! Whoot wooo!!!! I know how good that feeling was and I know that when you get into it, it's gonna just spur you on and keep your determination strong.

Hope you have a lovely weekend, Mel.
Hey there and thanks, well its day 16 - went to the party and wasnt as good as i could have been but was also far better than I could have been also, and best part is i managed to stay in ketosis though not quite sure how as there were some carbs involved - woo hooo! Thanks for your comment Paula your doing so well I've been keeping up to date with your diary and its great to read :)
Been back on the packs now and my party doesnt seem to have damaged my mental state at all which is a good thing and we shall see, tried on the dress and its about 1cm off closing, so we're looknig at 1cm in a week (failing that REALLY good undies!)

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