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Sooo hungry!

Hi folks
Just trying to keep my mind off other things so thought I would do a quick post!
My normal day : soup make in to poppodoms around 12.30-1pm. Soup/shake and bar around 7.30-8pm then hot choccy before bed.
I have never been one for brekkie.
Today though I have had poppodoms around 12.30 but then I felt so hungry I had hot vanilla shake with coffee around 2.40 - I am still felling extremely hungry. Just about to start my 8th pint of water so am having plenty of water.
I am wondering whether TOM is about to rear it's ugly head - does anyone else have this feeling when TOM due?
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Just try and hang in there. Take it from me - once you come off it is REALLY hard to get back on. I abstained for 6 months (& lost 6st7lbs) and I am now finding it really hard to get back on the wagon. I did find it more difficult during TOTM, so have another pack if you are going really mad. Better that and staying in ketosis than having something else.
Good luck!
TOTM really does seem to hit me hard and the desperation for sugar creeps in. I have started splitting packs at that time, half a hot chocolate with a spoon of coffee for a mocha and again with vanilla or caramel. Somehow it seems to help with the cravings.
Hang in there, it is so much harder if you fall off the wagon.

If it isn't TOTM and you are in ketosis, is there something else going on that is making you want to eat for "emotional" support? If you can identify that, you might be able to deal with the hunger.


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minnie, you are one of the strongest level headed person I know on here, you can get through this hunger blip, how about a cup of bouillion/savoury drink.

Look at all the times you gave me words of wisdom and chivvied me along,

hang in there hun xxxxxxxxx
Thank you ladies
Slinky - I have already fallen off the wagon a couple of times:eek: I do know how hard it is to get back on track. However for the last 8 days I have been so so focused! I cannot explain why - I think I have realised the longer I stick to plan, the quicker I get to goal and the quicker I can start eating food again and being in control of food!

I certainly do not intend to lapse - will just drink more water. I just wondered if anyone else noticed this.

JJ to be honest I do not know if it TOTM is due I just suspect. I must be in ketosis as have not deviated from plan for the last 8 days since jumping back on the wagon!

Sun - thank you so much for your kind words. I have never had any savoury drinks - think I will try the bouillion drinks.

By the way Sun where do you get your fab emicons things from? They're great

Hi Minnie

yep Totm get's me like that, in fact I've been like that the last few days - we've just got to keep on fighting it. Looking at you're ticker though you're doing great and you're soon going to be at your target - so when the hunger hits just smile and think of that :)


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I'm addicted to them!

Please snag and copy and save if anybody wants to.



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Hi Daisy, basically it means if you like one of the emoticons if right click any of them and then you can 'save it as' in your documents, then upload them into photobucket or photobox which in turn you add them to any forum. Hope that makes sense.

Good Luck xxxxxxxxxx

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