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Sooo not impressed with Consultant


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OK so last night I rejoined class with my friend and so far I'm really not impressed with the consultant, I've been to SW a few times and have had a couple of different consultants and this one by far has got to be the worst!

Here are some of the things I can remember her saying (or not saying):

She never mentioned having 1/3 superfree food with every meal once.

She said that you can have 2 HA's and 2 HB's on a green day but only 1 A and B on a RED and Extra Easy day.

She told us all that one lady that week had gained 4lb, poor lady was really embarrassed and cringing (she didn't even ask her if it was ok to mention it).

She described another member (who had gone home) to the rest of the group as the woman with the bob and the massive boobs!!!!

She also told another lady who'd gained a lb that all she needed to do was go home and have a good sh*t!!!!!

She told the new members that you can have all veggies free on Extra Easy but only to have a tiny portion of potatoes because they're not really good for us!!

Oh, we didn't get the new free booklet that's advertised and she told one girl who had STS on her first week that it was because she was eating enough for the whole group!! In front of everyone!!

I could go on but I'd be here all day!

Very disappointed but have bought a countdown (well my friend has bought it me for my birthday and she really likes the group so am stuck there for the foreseeable).

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:eek: Gosh thats awful. I would go along next week and see what happens then. Maybe she had an off night. Your friend obviously enjoys group.

If it was the same I would definitely move group and make a complaint, to the consultant initially.

I know your friend bought you the countdown but if you explained to her i'm sure she would understand if you wanted to move groups.

Don't let this put you off its a great plan and it sounds like you understand the plan.
Omgosh!!! I'm so shocked!! I don't really know what to suggest but I'm sure someone will have advice.
Maybe you could email slimming world and tell them!!

Is there another group you could attend??
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That is just wrong on every level! I am asking myself how she can be so unprofessional and get away with it! Thank goodness you know how the plan works cose, if you had to rely on her information, you wouldn't get the best out of it! She sounds a nightmare
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Ha ha Tinsel - YES!! Margorie Dawes lol
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If you go to group, can you go to any group and any number of times each week? Could you go to a better one, but still go with your friend on her night to support her? Or take it in turns?

As Soccermom said, maybe the consultant had an off night so giving it another go seems sensible.

Have to say, I think you're very polite. I would have been tempted to ask lots of questions, like, "Can you help me understand what you mean by [blah] when the book I have says [blah blah]?"

Then again, that's why I'm not suitable to be a consultant! Even I wouldn't describe someone as the lady with the bob and the massive boobs - no matter what kind of hair cut she had!

So have you gone to this group with your friend because she goes there and has bought you the countdown? How is she doing on s.world? If you really are unhappy with the c I think you may have to speak to your friend because what is the point in going to a group where you have no respect or support from the c? If on the first night she gives this impression and such terrible advice I dread to think what she is putting people through who don't have the understanding of the plan you already do!
I'm quite shocked at her but then I suppose it is going to happen in some groups!
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Oh dear! Not a great impression of SW but I've had 3 consultants so far and met many more and they're all wonderful so if you're not happy after another few classes just change and keep food optimising. Her style of classes might suit some people but she sounds like she needs to learn some tact and diplomacy! X
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Blimey she would drive me nuts! I'd go to group in a flash if we had a good consultant round here. Theres one i like but she only does evening meetings and i work then, the only morning class is with a lady who talks to us as if we are 3 year olds! Very frustrating :(

Bee x


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Thanks everyone I was really shocked by her whole demeanour tbh but will give it another go ..... if she's the same I'll speak to my friend and change class........will the swipe card register that I'm/we're on a countdown so don't have to pay again if I/we go elsewhere?

I think my friend only likes it because of what she sees as the comedy value!! (she's a lecturer herself and used to train people on their teaching technique so she's finding it all very amusing)!

There are some good losses going on in that class tho! No idea how from the advice she's dishing out!
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They're your losses though not the C's so don't let her ruin your chances. You might grow to love the comedy value though, but you probably shouldn't have to! Your membership is transferable so you can change to any group. X


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omg, that's awful, i'd give it another go, then have a chat with my friend, and maybe see about another group. good luck for next week


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I think giving her one more chance might be a good thing to do, like you said some people find that kind of humour inspiring. She must be doing something right if her group has good losses???
I wish you all the luck with that C - she sounds mad.

I would be there questioning everything - and perhaps send a quick email to SW Head office if the C doesnt buck up her ideas (and learn the plan!!!)


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Hiya, if you haven't already speak to see how your friend felt about the group. If she is happy to give the consultant another try then go for it

If it was me I would calling SW Main office to complain and moving to a new group. It's one of my top hates when a Consultant is poor in their role, especially when they are supporting people on a topic which is very sensitive and personal.
Consultants are not allowed to embarrass or humiliate their members - whether they are at the meeting or have gone home. And they are not supposed to say how much someone has gained, unless that person wants to say so themselves.

Some people don't mind a more "robust" approach by their consultant, others are more sensitive. My consultant knows who can be teased and who needs more gentle handling. For instance she knows she can make a sarky remark to me and I will be right back at her, and we will all have a good laugh, but that another member is very nervous and needs constant encouraging.

Added to that all the wrong information you were given, and it really is a worrying situation.

I would give it another go, and see what she is like at the next meeting, maybe query some of the discrepancies now you have had time to study your books, and then go elsewhere if there is no improvement.

And I would consider emailing headquarters with your concerns, too.
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