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sooo sick.dont open if u get disgusted ;)

morning all...

i had the runs from 9pm last nite till 3.30am. and when i say runs...boy i wanted to die. it was bad and my tummy is still doing really loud noises.. obviously im afraid to eat coz im feeling sick.:cry:

i think i have a virus. what do you take in times like these?
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hi there thanks for replying

yes water is the key. lost loads (trying not to get into detail for all of your sake)

i feel as if i lost 10000000000lbs!!!


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I can remember our dr saying flat coke if you have tummy bug as it has stuff in to help rehydrate you, but it will knock you out of ketosis.....lol That was years ago though.


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Poor you Jenna, sounds like you've been through hell. I'd also recommend boiled water as that is good for your stomach.

Hope you're soon feeling better & brighter

thanks to all of you..

the loo department seems to have improved a bit. not rushing in and out anymore

but i feel oh so weak. and im afraid to eat anything coz my tummy aint that great.

cheers girlies


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thanks to all of you..

the loo department seems to have improved a bit. not rushing in and out anymore

but i feel oh so weak. and im afraid to eat anything coz my tummy aint that great.

cheers girlies
If I wear you id give it at least a day until eating again, just keep drinking the water. If you do feel like a nibble try a piece of dry toast.
no food in the house to be honest....and to get knocked out of ketosis just like that makes me feel guilty..but if ur sick, ur sick i guess! ;-)

might stay in tomorrow too. not feeling my usual self.

started on my 2nd L of water. not a lot i know...

kisses (on the cheek, of course) to all of u wonderful ppl


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Hope you're feeling better soon :grouphugg:
lol sonke didnt even notice..

felt better this afternoon sodecided to eat some soup crackers. had two coz i havent eaten since yesterday and guess what?

i have the runs again :((( pretty bad. tomorrow ill go to boots and get some medication..even if it knocks me out of ketosis...cant go on with my tummy rumbling, wind etc..

booohooooo what the heck is happening?:cry:
Hey Jenna

You need to keep drinking clear fluids, and make sure that you take some dioralyte (or simliar rehydration salts) to help rehydrate you

Dont eat anything at all for at least 24 hours after your tummy has settled - you wont need it if you are ill and you will be feeding the virus. If you need energy then try lucozade.

Hope you feel better soon.

Silver lining - youll have a great loss this week!

i think im going to die any min.

honestly. im so weak everything hurts.

are there any sugar free dioralyte? or maybe there's no sugar in them>

anyone out there?????????
I've no idea re the dioralyte but I do think you need to get to a chemist/doctor if you're still feeling bad today. Hope you're feeling better soon (((hugs)))



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Haven't you got anyone to look after you hun?

How are things this morning? If you are still having symptoms, contact your surgery and see if you can get a call out. I you feel able, you could go along to the surgery, but if you've been ill like this for a couple of days you may not be up to it. Keep hydrated as much as possible.
Oh no, I am sorry you were so ill. I hope you are feeling a little better this morning? If I were you, I would call your LLC or LL HQ for advice.

I can understand your incertainity re. Dioralyte and Lucozade, I gave some to my little girl recently when she was dehydrated due to sickness. I have just read the information sheet and the product contains saccharin. And that you ask your doctor before taking this medicine if you are on a low sodium or potassium diet - which I *think* we are??

I definitely would call LL HQ for advice.

Hope you get better soon.
hi sugar plums,

nah, no one to take care of me he he! but that's not a prob.

i am feeling better in terms of loo (up to now still early) but my head is heavy and i feel really lethargic. obviously. no nothing in me. and im trying to drink water...(argh)

until now i have no runs so i guess that's good. didn't go to work today so lying low. concentrating on my assignment and catching up on my reading i guess!

ohhh you girls are sooo sweet ;) thank you
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Hey hun sorry to hear you've been having a tough time.

I had probs with diahorrea after about 5 or 6 days of starting SS- for 3 days. Its not good but it disappeared after that and no problems since. CDC said its not a common side effect but it isn't unheard of- something to do with your body detoxing and getting rid of poisonous toxins apparently.

Hope you feel better now hun- she told me to keep having my foodpacks as stopping would make me feel weak and wouldn't make the diahorrea any worse... in my case she was right. I guess it depends on whether you have/had a bug or if its a similar problem to me

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