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Sooo want to eat........

I have to admit I find it really hard to get back onto plan once I have fallen off the wagon too. I find that by making alternatives ie quark and nutella with fruit it helps me steer back onto plan.
How about having a few Green Days Hun?? I usually find that the carbs are so filling that I dont want to pig out.
Why not have a controlled binge- I had one of these a while back- went and got a load of free food (cooked chicken, bean salad, fruit, crab sticks) and actually planned the binge, ate the lot and had no guilt afterwards- it made me feel much better that I had still had control over my behaviour and I didn't beat myself up about it afterwards
you've done well so far, if you attend class, try to go to a WI asap, a different class if neccessary as at least you'll have drawn a line under it x
have a binge, but make it a low syn but interesting binge. go to the shop and buy lots of exciting nibbly things that make u feel like ur having a real treat. Something like, my dream yums, raspberries and meringue, scallops and big juicy prawns, lump of steak, sw chip mountain, all free on extra easy (except the meringue=3 syns each) for a chocolate treat a galaxy ripple (drool) =9syns. how much better will you feel afterwards when u have eaten like a king and still stayed on plan! keep thinking about the goal, visualise urself thin and how GOOD its going to feel!
i have just been to tesco after finishing work was starving was a last minute thing so didnt prepare but managed to hold it by grabbing fruit and babybel lol
To stop myself I just keep asking - do I REALLY want this. usually the answer is no because I want to lose weight MORE than I want the chocolate/Pringles/whatever.
I look at the food and then say out loud, no you'll make me FAT, it makes you remember your real goal (but i am only 2 weeks in...)

But i think a sensible binge is okay, eating prawns and steak and sw chips would so make me feel bad but its all good on green :)

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