Sophies Diary

My first entry. Can't pretend this is the first time I've tried to lose weight. I sent the entirety of my teenage years hating my body, convinced I was huge and starving myself ... at the weight of 112lbs. Looking back now it was ridiculous. I developed a dreadful relationship with food and after I left home to go to university began to binge and starve. I have gained 30 lbs.
I want to develop a healthy relationship with food again. I'm hoping weight loss will come with this. At a steady pace. I have finally realised at the age of 19 that quick fixes are not the answer.
My aims:
-incorporate regular exercise into my lifestyle
-take the challenging option, use the stairs, walk instead of driving
-eat three meals a day and stop my disgraceful snacking habits
-make healthy choices
-drink plenty of water all day long
-control my portions, stop when i'm full!!
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Gone fishing
Sounds like a sensible plan Sophie :clap:

welcome to minimins

Sounds like a sensible plan Sophie :clap:

welcome to minimins
thankyou KD. gosh your weight loss is amazing..congrats!
today has been positive.
I have had my three meals, all sensible portions. I did not even finish my tea because I was full. I skipped the bisuits and coffee for dessert and had a fruit tea and an apple instead. I went for a long walk instead of watching TV this afternoon even though its freezing.
I turned down the chocolate my friends kept offering to me.
I did not snack. I drank plenty of water.
I am determined to make every day a positive day :)
bring on tomorrow!
Oh PS. I left my scales at university so am unable to weight myself until the 17th of January! A little bit of a daunting thought for me as usually I weigh everyday but I know this is obsessive and a habit I need to break as it usually leads up to a binge or starvation period if I have gained or lost weight. Hopefully this weight it gives me a goal date to keep positive for and maybe I will see a good result in a months time. fingers crossed!