Soph's CS Diary :)

Discussion in 'Celebrity Slim' started by Cheekysoph, 1 March 2010 Social URL.

  1. Cheekysoph

    Cheekysoph Full Member

    Day 1. And a whopping 14.2

    Cookies and cream Shake CS
    Carrots and hummous
    Chicken soup CS
    Mint and chocolate CS snack bar
    Dinner:Chicken and salad

    Drinks: Water 2litres. 1 cup of coffee with a splash of milk.
    Exercise: Aerobics 1hr. Walking 40min
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  3. 2010bride

    2010bride Full Member

    well done on all that exercise - how are you feeling today?
  4. Cheekysoph

    Cheekysoph Full Member

    Managed an extra 15mins on the bike aswell last night. Feeling very knackered today :)

    Day 2

    Chocolate shake
    Carrots and hummous
    Fridge raiders
    Chocolate mint shake
    Cottage pie, but with carrot and teeny weeny bit of swede for the topping. And veg on the side.
    Pear and strawberries.

    Gunna make some jelly and raspberries for a sweet treat - to have in the week, as I have very sweet tooth.

    Exercise: 40mins of walking.
    Drinks: 1 coffee, 2litres of water. And a diet coke.

    Hey 2010 bride... yeah first day went ok..Just feeling the achy feeling today and a slight headache which I think is normal. Hows your day going? xxxxxxxxxx
  5. Cheekysoph

    Cheekysoph Full Member

    Day 3

    Caramel shake CS
    Cucumber and hommus
    CS Soup
    Egg and tuna salad
    CS Snack bar before gym.

    Gym: Rowing machine, Crosstrainer,Bike, Arm bike and weights.

    Drinks: 1 cup of coffee. Green tea. Water. Diet coke.

    Weighed myself today and lost 2lbs already. Hope I maintain it and add some extra lbs to lose as well :) xxxxxxx
    Last edited: 4 March 2010
  6. RainbowSpots

    RainbowSpots Member

    Well done on the 2lb weight loss. I weighed myself last night & also lost 2lb, was shocked!!

    You are doing really well with the exercise!!
  7. Cheekysoph

    Cheekysoph Full Member

    Thanks hun :) Just had a look at your diary. Looks really good and yummy!!

    I'm struggling abit with dinner ideas tho, having an omlette tonight, thinking I could add ham,tomato and mushrooms to it. with some veg or salad on the side.

    I'm been very strong today, in our office. There is cake and maple syrup cookie.....:p mmmmm! But didn't have one at all.

    Going to the gym later,hopefully get a good hour in. It just such a long day with work zzzzzzzzzz!

    How today going for you? xxxxxxx
  8. 2010bride

    2010bride Full Member

    well done on all the exercise soph - i am trying to hold off weighing till sat am - then i'm out drinking so i want to see how much the drink affects weight loss
  9. Cheekysoph

    Cheekysoph Full Member

    I tried to but was curious to see if it was working. Not gunna weigh myself to Sat now, and hope for some more lbs gone :)
    How are you finding the diet?

    Day 4

    Vanilla shake
    Celery and hommous
    Cauliflower in cheese sauce
    Chocolate orange shake.
    Salmon and veg

    Exercise: walking 40 minutes.

    Drinks: Water, Skinny mocha x2. Diet lilt
    Last edited: 4 March 2010
  10. Cheekysoph

    Cheekysoph Full Member

    Day 5

    Caffe latte shake- the best so far, tastes like Ice coffee mmmmm!
    CS Snack bar
    Caramel shake
    Mini fry up - Omelette with mushrooms and tomatoes, bacon and sausage.
    Yogurt and more strawberries

    Drinks - Latte skinny. Water. Diet coke.

  11. 2010bride

    2010bride Full Member

    I can't belive you like the latte!!!!

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