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Soph's Diet Diary - 2009

Okaaay here goes!

I lost a stone on the WW diet in October 08, but then stopped. I'm pretty sure I've piled it all back on over Xmas, I have my first WI on Tuesday.

I want to go from a size 12/14 to a 10 by the summer. I don't really have a target weight, I'm just going by what I feel. Is that bad? :confused: lol.

Today is my first day back on the diet. I have 19 points a day. So far today I've had a WW Bakewell Tart, 2 cups of tea, 50g low fat homous, 2 slices of toast and a Dole fruit pot. I have 12 and a half points left. Going good :)

Just a quick Q... What do you guys count for tea? I've always been a bit confused about that. I have a bit of milk and artificial sweetner.
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not at all - so many of us fixate on a weight target rather than how we feel / being healthy / being a certain size.. so going by how you feel is the way forward!

for your tea, instead of thinking per cup, why dont you just have so much milk set aside for the day and use from that.. if not.. if you only have a dash, maybe count half a point for every 2 cups you have? i dont know.. i'm not a big tea drinker.. sorry!

good luck getting back to WW though :) x


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Welcome to minimins and WW. Good luck on weigh in, hope its not as bad as you think. Judging by the way you feel is much better to go by. I set my target at 130lbs but I might feel happy at 140lbs. Have a fab day and good luck for he week ahead.
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Hi Soph and welcome to minis and WW.

Agree on the size thing - don't be bothering with that whole weight malarky only ends up getting you right frustrated when you hover around the goal but don't actually hit it....do I sound bitter and twisted, girls??

- although you will be asked to set a goal weight at class.

On the tea front - I do as Rach suggested and decant 1/2 pt milk each morning and use 1pt for it (Skimmed milk that is)

Rosie xx


will beat the bulge!!
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Hiya and welcome xxx Good luck and I look forward to hearing how you get on :)


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Welcome Soph! I count my coffee as 0.5pts (only have one a day so don't bother putting it aside). If you have more than that best to do as suggested by the other girls.

Well, I've had a bit of a bad start. I'm on the road a lot and yesterday I found it really difficult to find anywhere that did anything low enough for me to eat.
Tonight we have guests and they're all having a Chinese, but I'm being uber good and cooking for myself, while they all stuff their faces. lol.

I get so frustrated when I'm out and can't find anything on my menu. I was with a client yesterday who wanted to go to Starbucks. They had run out of a lot of sandwiches so I just had to to my best at choosing a low points panini. I went over but had a healthy dinner to try and stay as near to my points as possible.
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you can have a chinese with them if you want - chinese has loads of healthy options - chicken and mushroom / pineapple is only 3pts a serving - you could have half a portion of rice for 3pts with it, or instead a chicken chow mein is only 6 and that has noodles with it?

and dont worry about going over too much.. you did the best you could in the situation, so dont beat yourself up about it :)

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