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Sore Kidneys?

Happy skinny Sunday to one and all!

Just wondering do any of you ever suffer from sore kidneys on LT?
I have a bad kidney and it really pains me when on LT, not sure if it's the amounts of water or what!

Does anyone else get this?
Lower back to the side but actually in the kidney region?
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No i don't suffer at all with that hun.... If it continues it might be worth mentioning it to your pharmacist or doctor, just to be on the safe side!!

But, on a lighter note, you might be growing some new ones... Then you can sell them abroad, and make a few quid!! lmaoooooooooo x x x x (I was only joking!! lol)
I could really do with that actually, not a bad idea at all

*runs off to google what the going rate for a battered aul kidney is these days*

That should keep me in shakes for months! :)
I so suffer with that aswell!!! Its whether Im doing Atkins or LT, and when Im being really successfull... Mine was originally on the left side but now left and right side, if Im up and about for any length of time it starts to ache, like a dull ache that i want to get into a different position all the time trying to eleviate it... Im always thought it was because my frame was getting smaller and maybe my kidneys being exposed to rib cage, not so much padding etc.... Have no health problems at all and everything functioning as it should but this ache/pain is really annoying... Its really interesting to find somebody else with similar problem..
Oh my god that's exactly it!!
It's my left side now but when I got out of bed this morning it was both sides and I couldn't get comfy, kept moving about!

I think it ketosis related cos I had it doing Celeb Slim when I was in ketosis and Lipo but never just healthy eating or even very unhealthy eating!!

Madness that someone else has the same thing!!!
Its actually very comforting knowing somebody else has it! Im the exact same, if Im "not dietin" I dont have it at all.... Ill be refeeding in about anoth weeks time so be interestin to see if it goes... and I agree i think it must be ketosis related... although when i was much larger and ketosis for several months it never happended, only with a smaller weight so may be size related too... weird... Its hurtin like hell now just sat here typin this!
Hi chuck! all still going great, weigh in tomorrow... 2 weeks solid back on and the lowest weight Ive been... only doing another week and then Im done (and back to that refeed panic again! arggg) Hows you? x
Hi Nick! hows it going?? :)
tried that, increasing, decreasing.. all variations but nothing makes it go away for me....

i have a dull ache when i'm not drinking enough water, but when i increase my water intake it goes away.
Thats great Nick ! Im still kidding myself that I will just do one more week lol Its working, the countdown to xmas goes quite quickly i think. :)
LOL, it will soon pass, you are doing fab! (just one more week...just one more week :cool:
Thats great Nick ! Im still kidding myself that I will just do one more week lol Its working, the countdown to xmas goes quite quickly i think. :)


Doing it exante style :)
Oh no! Im such a hypocondriac that im gonna have kidney pain in a minute :) lol

I'd go to the docs, or give NHS direct a phone better to be safe eh x
I'm in Ireland and it's €50/€60 for a visit to the doc,
Imagine the skinny clothes I could buy with that :p

Ah if it gets really bad I will, it's just a dull ache more annoying than really sore.




Doing it exante style :)
OMG you have to pay to see the doc!! Gees i didnt know that.
Ring Lipotrim people then see what they say xx
Oh I'd have to be in a hospital bed before I'd take it seriously ha!!
I'll be fine, it's nice to know I'm not alone with it though!
£39 a visit here in Jersey, went last week and had stored up loads of questions to ensure that I got my money's worth!


I will do this!!!
Apparently its very common to get kidney stones/gall stones if your on a VLCD or TFRD for a long period. A women i work with was on Lipotrim for 9 months and she had to have her gallbladder removed. No trying to scare people but it does happen. You should see your gp.

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