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Sorry to be grim but.....

has anyone else experienced very bad diarrhea?? im sorry to be gross but im a little worried as iv just experienced some pretty EXTREME toilet activity lol and im feeling a little freaked out by it. is this normal?? im on day 2. would really appreciate some advice!!
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I dont mind you being gross.... ha ha.
Day two was bad for me as well.... in the afternoon i felt the need to go, really badly and it was not a very nice afternoon. Then every other day ive been the same!! I think its just the extra water intake?? Not sure, but if it gets too bad maybe take some immodium ??
Good luck
Phew!! So glad that my insides aren't rotting away and that other people have had this lol. And yea I know what you mean.. Mine WAS pretty horrific despite being rather close to the bathroom lol. Crikey. Hope it doesn't come back!!! They didn't warn me about that so I thought it was something going majorly wrong! Thanks for the advice girls, god I dunno what I'd do without this forum!!! X
Ha ha well I tend to panic quite easily... And I worry that depriving my body of glucose is actually quite dangerous... Did biochemistry last year and know what glucose deprivation does on the whole. So I keep worrying when things like the sh1ts start happening lol but having you girls relate and reassure it will pass is priceless to me and my big worry-head!!


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Yeah, it will be your body getting rid of all the rubbish... although i have to say, i still suffer, 2 weeks in but no where near as bad. Its more just 'lose' than the trots lol. Im glad though that i havnt gone the other way... i just hate constipation!!!
However.... im going to be really grim here...... it smells like ive just dropped a dead body. Ive never had this problem before and it surprises me as Gillian McKeith always said 'you are what you eat' and it affects your poo.... well im not eating anything and its rotten :-(
Lol well I had never heard of it so it can't be that common. But just be prepared in case it comes... If u start feeling like u need the loo just go! Cuz I don't think I went soon enough lol and making it there in time was tight!! Ha ha. Hope u don't have it cuz it ain't nice, but it's only temporary and it's better than being bunged up!! Good luck :) x
I too was the same yesterday on day number 2, rather an appropriate day number really :eek: !!! I feel a little bit squiffy today but not as bad I hope, I agree, I think it is all the extra water and no solids going in. Nice x


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Ooooooh - I love a good poo thread - means I'm not the only one ;)

As others have said - quite common. I tend to keep a supply of sudacrem in to be on the safe side

Lol something about day number two and the irony that makes me chuckle. So glad other people have experienced it too! Isn't sudacrem nappy rash cream??? You are doing it in the loo ain't you??!!! Lmao!!! X
Keeping your loo paper in the fridge is quite soothing......

And remember to clean up afterwards.....had the occasional need for one of THOSE trips to the loo in the middle of the night and just went straight back to bed. Poor OH was first in the bathroom in the morning......poor sod! Enough said:eek:
I've had this too on and off since I started. For some reason though its only at weekends - can't fathom as do the very same thing every day. First time it happened was horrible - as had a distance to a bathroom!! For me it only started after I started taking Fibre Clear - but I take it every day and I only have this reaction about once a week - and I do "normal" ones other days!
I do know what you mean about the clean-up though - the loo is not a pleasant sight afterwards!!!
Not taking anything as afraid to go the other way.
It is good to hear other people describing exactly what I'm going through!!
Aww bless ya, yeh it's rather hideous and getting to the loo is not easy in time! I'm hoping it doesn't hit me when I'm in town or somewhere that there is no loo!!! I'm quite used to crapping through the eye of a needle as I have IBS. but LT sh!ts are ridiculous!! So grim. Thanks for sharing everyone lol, good to know we are all experiencing this! Happy crapping girls :p x


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That made me laugh out loud ha ha ha ha!!!! OH just asked me what im laughing at... i cant tell him 'at a poo thread' as i contstantly have a go at him for sharing his toilet habits with everyone - like its something to be proud of. lol.... but this is just too funny!!!! :)
weird isn't it I am the complete opposite and considering a sennakot tonight
Ooh day 3 is going much the same as yesterday, down the loo! lol! I think black coffee can also make it worse, suppose I'm having a detox though!!!
yep.. im day 3 and iv had the sh!tes again lol.. although alot less than yesterday thank gawd!!! just hope it goes away!

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Im lucky really as i dont take fibre clear and still going to poo every other day! Gilluan mckeith would be so pleased coz i can honestly say for the first time ever "my **** dont stink" haha lol x seriously i hope it calms down for you that must b horrible :-(

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