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Sorry to have to ask this....


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But have any of you suffered with constipation whilst you have been taking xenical??

I've never had a problem with it before but since I have been taking them I have!!

I have taken an ex-lax the past 2 nights and today have eaten lots of dried figs and prunes (which would normally do the trick), wholemeal bread, fruit and veg but still nothing :sigh: Feel really bloated at the mo and just need to ge things moving again (sorry)

Do any of you have any suggestions what I could take/eat that may have worked for you? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! lol

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hi ive been on oristat since jan and was constipated the first few weeks now i have to be really carefull what i eat as ive had a few accidents debbie x


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Oh no! Was that from sticking to the rules too 0121gucci? Maybe I should just bide my time as if the same happens to me, that will sort my "problem" out lol

hi i was doing really well but im losing my motavation so ive been eating too much fat i need to get back as ive been doing well ive lost 28lbs just dont no how to im feeling really down at the moment debbie x


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Water, water and more water is the answer to get things shifted! it's a common problem, there are a few threads on here about it but as long as you are eating plenty of fruit/fibre and drinking plenty of water things should work themselves out!

KB x


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I agree with KB - water is the answer!
I soon know when I'm slipping up on my water intake, because things soon become very sluggish in that department :eek:
If I'm having a spot of bother, I sometimes take a Senakot or similar, but that's just to get things moving again. Water, fruit and veg are the long-term solutions to the problem.


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Thanx for the advice guys

I'm def going to up the water levels as you suggested as I mainly live on pepsi max. Will do me good in more than 1 way I'm sure :rolleyes:
I ate so many high fibre foods yesterday and had 2 senakot last night at bed time and still nothing, so I've been to the chemist today and got sorted.
Was so embarrasing speaking over the counter about my "problem" while the chemist was full of people but it just had to be done lol :D:D

Sorry you're feeling down Debbie!!
Losing 28lbs is fantastic. It is hard to stay on any diet and I think most people struggle at times, I know I do. Hopefully your head will get back to where it needs to be soon in order to help you continue on your weight loss journey.
In the meantime just try to think how well you have done so far and where you want to get to. What a shame it would be to never get back on track and possibly undo all of your hard work!!
Good luck getting back on track and hope you're feeling a bit happier soon :fingerscrossed:


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