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I see all these threads I haven't read, people who need and deserve support and I just can't seem to get through them.

I'm gone through a lot of emotional crap this year and the last couple of weeks have left me exhausted and completely tapped out. To the point where all I can think about just now is sleeping.

Sorry I have been neglecting you all - it might be a while before I get back to offering support but I am thinking of everyone - and I hope that things improve for those whom it is not going well just now.

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Guess who's back...?
Awww Andy - bless you. It's a hard time for all of us... regardless of whether or not there has been any significant upheaval... I think anyone doing a VLCD at Christmas has a little more on their plate than usual (bad choice of words perhaps!).

Take care and don't worry - no one will take things personally... just remember this board is hear if you need to spout off - don't hide away if you are going through hard times - diet related or not... we're all here for everyone else, as well as ourselves.

Stay happy and merry christmas xx


nearly there!! :)
think of urself for a while hunni, hope ur doing ok sending hugs and love xxxx
Andy, I'm new to the LL Forum, but not to Minis (or LL for that fact - my original journey was in 2006).

In my experience no one thinks badly of people when they don't come on here and give support. Most realise that people have other things going on in their lives and sometimes there are ups and downs which means you are stretched too thinly.

The last thing you need to do when feeling low is worry about not offering support! The best thing you can do is listen to your body and if it says you need sleep, then do just that.

The board and the people will be here when you are up to returning.

Take care.
Sarah x
Awwww, hope you're feeling more like yourself soon.

Louale x
Thank you, everyone. I really appreciate it. Hopefully I'll finish getting through all this emotional crap soon (lol - not holding my breath).

Anna, saw your thread hon and thinking of you. xxx Hang in there.


Guess who's back...?
Thank you Andy - I'm in a whirlwind... more of a hurricane actually!

Hope you feel back on track later... if you need to talk about anything, just PM me... no pressure - here if you need me.

Try and enjoy your Christmas xx
Thanks Andy

Thanks for letting us know where you've been, we worry about people when they go quiet.
As Westie says, don't worry about everyone else, take the time you need to look after yourself, just keep in touch if you can.
Remember we are here to support each other in spirit if not in body all the time.
Take care of yourself. xxx

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