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sort of O/T - Anyone on Implanon?


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DON'T DO IT!!!! I had the implant when I was 17 and my weight soared over those 6 months (I'm talking 3 stone gain) Having the implant alongside doing cd though, I really don't know if you will continue to loose or not? When I had the implant I was not on cd. The coil is a good alternative though, you can get it done free through "connexions". Hugs x x x

Pandora Ghengis

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The advantage of the implant is that once it is removed, so are the hormones. I was on Depo Provera (EVIL!) and nobody told me that if I experienced side effects they would persist for up to 18 months after discontinuation!! However they are loath to remove the implant soon after it is inserted so you could be experiencing things for a few months at least.

The Mirena coil, as well as the coil creating a 'hostile' womb, works hormonally on a similar basis to the implant. However the hormones act in a more local way so it's meant to have fewer side effects.

Could I just ask why your doctor has recommended you change to the implant? If you're experiencing problems on the pill maybe you just need to change to a different pill.


Going for Goal!
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I agree with Pandora - Dianette is the best pill around, it actually aids weightloss due to the side effect of loss of appetite! Perfect for CD - also I believe yasmin works similar to Dianette.

Pandora Ghengis

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Well, it's different for everyone - I gained serious weight on Dianette and quite a bit on Yasmin. I've just learned to stay well away from hormonal contraception! The advantage of the pill though is that you can discontinue and have the hormones out of your system in a month or two.


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i had the implant (norplant) when it was 6 little rods placed in a fan shape in the arm back in 1993 after giving birth to my second son.
with both my sons (born 1991 and 1993) i conceived really easily.
when i had the implant in i was on TOTM for 13 months continuous and had to have iron tablets then i didnt have another TOTM for 12 months.
after 4 years i asked for it to be removed as we wanted another child.
on removal they noticed that the implant had moved. they could only find 4 of the 6 rods. after a lot of feeling around they found another had embedded deeper into the tissue. they managed to remove this but they never did find the last one so it remains there to this day.
worse though is the fact that 12 years later i still havent managed to conceive and my totm couldnt be more unpredictable.
i had my last totm 4 months ago which many would love BUT not when u want a baby so badly.
so in retrospect of that i would NEVER advise the implant, ur fertility is far too precious.


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Have to say Dianette made me evil lol....wouldn't recommend that one lol..had my bf at time and mum drag me to doctors to get it changed:D cos i woulda commited murder on it:eek:

I'm on cerazette..have been for 5 years, no mood swings no pmt am an angel now :whistle:but pill reacts differently to every one i guess:eek:


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Hi Vikki,

I am on day 3 of cd, and in ketosis, and feeling great. Lost a few lb so far, but waiting on weigh in day next tuesday. I have the implant, and SWEAR by it. I no longer suffer from pms, totm, mood swings, or anything. I am on CD due to gaining weight over a period of about 4 years (tough period in my life so far but now all is better), I dont believe it had anything to do with the implant.

everyone is different - give it a try it might work for you.



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I am on the implant and it is the best thing I have ever done, my weight stayed the same, I never have periods although since CD I have had 3. I felt fantastic and when it is removed the hormones in your body go back to the same unlike any other hormone contraceptive! if you want more info PM me! xx


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Thanks everyone for your comments. Reaction seems to be a bit mixed, so I'm still unsure what to do. Anyone else got any stories? My Dr recommended the change as I'm a bit of a devil for forgetting the pill, and its supposed to be more reliable than the pill anyway. Also because your fertility returns to normal straight away. For obvious reasons I really don't want to put on weight though! :(

Pandora Ghengis

forgive the silly name
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vikki maybe you should just put a reminder on your phone so you remember to take your piil... or take them every day when you get up or go to bed. if you're not getting side effects, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!


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I can't understand why the doctor would want to change you? I took the pill until I fell pregnant with my first baby when I was 18 - due to 2 missed pills - its that easy! The dr advised me on a few different methods of contraception but said if I wanted more kids to stick with the pill until I had completed my family. After my second baby we decided not to have anymore and so I took medical advice and had depo provera injection, what a mistake! I turned into the ***** from hell and after 2 injections I had a 5 week period, at which point the doctor put me back on the pill! A year later we decided to have another baby, thought it would be easy to conceive as first was an accident, 2nd was in first month of trying, nope - took me 4 months to get pregnant and I was told this could have been because of the injection taking so long to get out of my system.

After my 3rd (and definitely last baby) we wanted a more permanent contraceptive but due to medical reasons at the time, my husband couldn't have a vasectomy so the dr recommended the mirena coil as it is almost as effective as sterilisation and stops periods and I have never looked back! I have had periods since doing cd but thats because of the diet, they stopped when I stopped ssing!

My advice, after that long winded post lol, is to stick with what you know! If you need to change pills then do that but I'm sure you can stay on the same for years without a problem!

Hope this helps!


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Your right sometimes it is better the devil you know. I did fall preggy with DS1 after missing 1 pill though, and with DS2 in the first month I ovulated after stopping the pill, so it is a bit of a worry! Will try to be a bit more organised. Cheers all xx
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Just to throw another thought into the melting pot :D

If you are susceptible to migraines then the hormonal implant may not be a good idea. I don't know enough about it to judge!

Having suffered from migraines myself i was taken off the pill and offered the mini pill. However we decided to try for a baby so i never used it! Once my son was born i was 'persuaded' to have the mirena coil and this was the worst thing ever for me. No totm which was good but that was the only positive side effect. My weight was impossible to control, i had mood swings, headaches etc etc. I just didn't feel myself at all. Anyway, after a bit of pressure from me the GP agreed to remove it for me. Thankfully the hormonal side effects went away almost immediately. With a bit of effort the weight has been much easier to shift as well ;).

So, finally i get to my point!! I have been using a 'persona' monitor for the last 2 years or so. It is a totally natural method of family planning and so far has worked for me! Am hoping to use it to my advantage this month and actually try to get pregnant!! By monitoring your ovulation you know when are 'safe' days of the month and which ones you should abstain. It's definately not everyone's cup of tea (and sadly not free on the nhs like most contraception!) but for me it has been fantastic!! No hormones and no babies!!

As i think you have seen from other responses it really is a personal choice at the end of the day. And perhaps 'if it aint broke don't fix it' is the best advice on here!!

Sorry to ramble - just another set of thoughts for you!!

Best of luck whatever you decide :p
Thanks, I've found this thread useful as Im wanting to change to a different pill and have an appointment on Thurs, think dianette is affecting my mood but Im really good at taking it so want to stick with the pill.Maybe see what she says about cerazette.

I keep my pill in a box and wrap in my pjs so never forget!


Cambridge Consultant
S: 12st12lb C: 9st12lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 22.3 Loss: 3st0lb(23.33%)
I currently take marvelon, and have to say have had no side effects with it. Its just that darn memory of mine. Don't think Persona would work for me - I have to say failing contraception would be a financial and practical disaster for me right now, think i would be too scared to go natural! Sounds great though, but knowing my luck.... :eek:

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