Slowly but surely!
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Hi all

On day 3 now and getting on ok, I am getting used to the shakes and am halving them to space them out, the bars are too yummy so staying away from them as much as i can lol But the soups OMG are horrible, its the throth it makes me gag (sorry tmi!) and I am leaving them and worried im not taking in enough. Hoping ill hit ketosis soon which will be easier as getting really bad headaches and dizzy spells at the moment. Ive tried making the soups in shaker with cold then heating them in pan and also made them with hot water but cannot stop the throthing, has anyone discovered a way of getting them mixed without the throth??
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Hi Emma
Somebody on here used to put the water in a pan, add the soup mix and stir it while heating it and that seemed to stop the froth, hope it helps you too.
B xx


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I just keep stiring, and make it with hot water in mug, takes a while but eventually its ok