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Sparkling_Fairy's weight loss diary - A New Beginning

Well, had my first weigh in today: lost 4lbs.
Can't say I'm not a little disappointed.
I know by any standard, that's a great loss per week, but not in the first week on a TFR.
Last time I did a TFR, I lost 10lbs in the first week. Granted I had more to lose then too.
And I know I don't have a lot to lose this time, so I wasn't expecting a whole lot.
But I was expecting at least 7lbs :(

But instead of letting it get me down and giving up, I thought I'd post about it here.
Truth is I still feel better, healthier and it's very good for my migraines to take a break from food for a while.
So chin up, look forward, and keep at it!
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Great attitute

My 2nd weigh in is wednesday and I'm having a wobbler as it looks like I'll lose less in 2 weeks than I normally do in the first 4 days.

However, like you, I feel better and an trying to convince myself that any loss is good ;)

Keep going, we both know it's worth it

Ive been going through a hard time myself the past few weeks with losses which have been far from great but keep going and before you know it youll be at target.
Had a tough day yesterday.
I was so hungry all day, I don't know why!

I ate half a bar in the morning, and then the other half around lunch.
Half a soup around 2 and the other half at 4 (usually I can keep about 3 - 4 hours in between).
And at 5 I was starving again!
Since I was still at work and I only had bars here, I decided I would just eat 4 packs that day as I was just so hungry and felt very shaky.
so I had another bar, but then I felt so stuffed that I didn't eat for the entire evening.
So I still ended up having 3 packs.
But 2 of them were bars.

I feel a little bad 'cause I know you're only supposed to have 1 bar a day. But in the end, it won't knock me out of ketosis and it's still only 600 calories.

I hope today I won't be so hungry.
I hate those hungry days!
Actually I hate to tell you this but the reason youre only allowed 1 bar a day is that they contain more carbs than the shakes and soups so can knock you out of ketosis so I wouldnt make a habit of it.
Ah, thanks for that!

I'll be out of ketosis now anyways.
They had birthday cake for me at work today :cry:
It's my birthday next friday, and I knew it was coming 'cause every month we do birthday celebrations for everyone who's birthday it is that month.
I've been very good lately at not participating.
But one of the girls made a chocolate cake from scratch just for my birthday. I wasn't gonna be rude and say I wouldn't eat it.
So I ate a slice of cake.
Nothing too big so I don't think i'd gain weight from it (also 'cause I can feel my bowels rumbling already). But it will knock me out of ketosis.
There's me starving again for the next 3 days!
No, but they sound intruiging.
Can I just get them in the pharmacy?

I don't think I'll be out of ketosis for the full 3 days. It was just a small slice of cake, and I didn't eat anything else for the rest of the day aside from my Exante stuff
OMG, that's awesome!
Will prob get them in Boots when I'm in London in 2 weeks. Always cheaper than in Ireland ;)

They'll be great too for when I re-introduce carbs. No matter what I eat, carbs always make me crave enormously!
So if I can reduce the cravings, it'll be easier to eat healthy
Man, that cake really didn't do me any good. I still feel sick.
But I need to finish my soup, 'cause I need to eat all my packs.

At least that's a good sign. After two bites I already felt nauseous. I think my body just doesn't like cake anymore :p
What's done is done - no point in beating yourself up.
Get straight back on and you'll be fine ;)

Yeah, I took today as another day.
And while I was starving this morning, I still managed to stick to 3 packs today. I actually still have to drink my shake. Not hungry anymore now.
I think I'm either already back in ketosis or will be tomorrow.

And what's else, is that I really don't crave any food at all!
I went over everything I love eating in my mind, and none of them appealed to me.
I think I feel so good right now, that real food is putting me off

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