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Split nails

Hmm I started painting my nails every week about 3 months ago. I've always had average ok nails.

Now I've been on sw 8 weeks.

I have no nails left. They have split right down and were even peeling in the Center? Never seen that before. I googled and other people whom had it put it down to nail varnish and such.
I just didn't know whether it was lack calcium. Even though I'm probably halving the milk I used to drink.
Any clever person know how I can get some nail back? Xx
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My nails split like this they peel in the centre and then sort of disintergrate if I touch something, If you have evening primrose oil capsules open them and rub this into your nails (this is great if they're out of date), Olbas oil will be too harsh and drying. I use lip balm always have a little tin in my bag doubles as a cuticle balm.

Avon do some great nail products alot cheaper than Sally Hanson stuff, the Mira-cuticle vanishing complex is the best stuff ever!
I'm using their grow potion at the mo and it really does work!

Steer clear of Nail hardeners, they make you nails brittle, anything with formaldehyde in the ingredients (often quick drying polish has this, tis awful stuff and if you use it and get little dry sore patches of skin ANYWHERE on the body, but most commonly the eyelid, it's an allergic reaction to the 60 seconds polish, believe it or not!)
I would try taking your polish off make sure you always wash your hands afterwards as acetone is drying, and use a nail food like vitamin e (again buy cheap capsules and pierce them) and a rich hand cream every night before bed.

I'm not an expert I just know what works for me
Thanks for that, I have no capsules of anything woe!

I can't believe they have disintegrated into none at all :(

None of my polishes are 60second and they are all posh ish ones. Revlon, OPI ,rimmel, Barry m etc not cheap. Cant believe I have a bag full of polishes I can't use now ,if my nails do repair I'm scared to use polish now. My Mr has never seen anything like what's happened to my nails.
The only other change I've made is swapping to an OPI glass nail file,which sold as 'prevents splitting' lol.
I definitely think it's the varnishes as I could see a reaction making the nail split.
I make throw an email at Sally Hansen and show her pics! As it's her base/top coats I have used each time.

Thanks x
Awww. I tell you what though your nails and cuticles look ever so dry, when you paint your nails try not to paint up to the cuticle, that little sliver of nail is how you get the food in!
Vitamin E capsules are about £3 for 60, so use one capsule per hand, just a drop on each nail.

Another tip for a home manicure...

Remove polish and wash hands
Pour a little oil onto your hand (almond oil/olive oil/veg oil any will do, but not a perfumed oil like baby oil) add a tablespoon of sugar and 'wash' your hands in it, pay attention to nails and sides of fingers.
Rinse in lukewarm water and dry thoroughly.

Use either a cuticle removing cream like Avon Mira-cuticle massage in and leave for a few minutes, then gently push back cuticles, or soak nails in warm water for five minutes, then push cuticles back.
wash hands and pat dry. Paint in polish. When dry add a drop of cuticle oil (it really pays to buy good stuff I like Champneys lasts for ages) and massage in.
Lavish good quality handcream onto your hands every night before sleeping.

During the day protect your hands by using a barrier cream before housework/gardening.
Thanks I have to say they never usually look like this? It's as if all moisture has been zapped from them.

They are washing up hands bug that's never bend any different lol.

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