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Splitting HexAs

Can you split HexAs?

And how far can you split them?
I am not a dairy lover and wouldnt be able to use a whole A on milk or cheese?
I was wondering if i would be able to have half my A as skim milk (150ml maybe) and 11g low fat cheese and 2 dairylea EL triangles?

Is this ok to do or is that too much splitting?
Im just worried i wont be using a whole A other wise?
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what does the ff and c mean?
I dont have any books yet :)


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F = Fibre
FF = Lotsa fibre
C = Calcium
CC = Lotsa calcium
H = healthy
HH = Super healthy
S = speed food (i.e. low calories for its weight)
SS = Super speed food

And yes you can split your A choices, just be careful not to split them in too many ways that you can't keep track of weights and measurements!
so do you think that what i suggested would be ok? ^
with that 3 way split?
175ml Skimmed Milk or 125ml semiskimmed milk
2 Dairylea Light or 3 laughing cow extra light
21g Reduced Fat cheese or 14g normal cheese

Sounds good to me! Sounds like mine actually! xx
this would be over one he if doing ee it would come out about 1 and a half
Thanks everyone!
I think i will have 125ml skimmed milk, 2 LC extra light and 11g low fat cheese as one hexa
its the only way i could ever use that much dairy and thats coz im having alot tomorrow. god knows how i will use them when im not having anything else cheesy that day!


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This is one of the SW debates. I keep meaning to email Head Office about it.

My C has always said that you're not allowed to split them. I can't remember why but there was a reason - I think because you're supposed to look at them as a whole. So if you're having 1 alpen light and 1 slice of small loaf bread then you're not getting the same amount of fibre as you were if you had 2 alpen light or 2 slices bread, IYSWIM. Otherwise, one of the B options would be to have the 1 alpen light and 1 slice of bread.

Having said that, my motto always has been that if it works for you then go for it!


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Stacey if you get your consultant to look at the FAQs on the SW website she will see that SW do now say that you can split your HEs.
This definately needs clarifying as my consultant only last week said it was ok to split HEXA's BUT didn't mentions HEXB's

I asked the question at my first meeting about HEXA's as I dont like milk too much and only have a spot in my drinks so therefore make the rest of my calcium intake up with Laughing Cow Extra Lights.

However as StaceyUK says if it works then no need to fix it :D
I think its the only way on certain days that i wil be able to have close enough to a A option.
B options are fine i could have 6 easily haha! But the A is a bit more difficult, some days i think i will just have to have (and syn) extra cereal to use up more milk allowence and then maybe use the rest in a hot choc or something....althought im not to keep on that.
but i know we have to use them and i guess that using them split (even if its not exactly the right amount) is better than not having an A at all??? Or not?

I wont split my B's but my As i think i will have to.
I think if i dont lose ( god i hope i do! i only start 2mo!) ...well if i dont its something i could tweak to use all on one thing.


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Stacey if you get your consultant to look at the FAQs on the SW website she will see that SW do now say that you can split your HEs.
Thanks! Just found it and have emailed it to my C!! I'd love to split my HEXs!

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