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Spot the new person!

Hi everyone!

I'm started the Lipotrim diet yesterday and ( I know this sounds sooooo rubbish :eek:) but Im finding it really hard already! :cry:

I wanted to say though, after reading all your posts what an inspiration you all are! I was just about to give in and have a biscuit when I found this site.:eek: And now I have the will power back again! Hoorah!
I've got 5 stone to loose and then I hope I'll be the yummy mummy I want to be!

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Hi Claire

I started yesterday too, so I know what you're going through :)

Drink lots of water!

Good luck!


Back on the wagon!
Welcome to both of you to the site...while 5 stone feels like a lot on LT is soooo doable! I lost 65llbs in 4months and plan to back on the wagon in September after I have this little one....believe it or no I havent really put too much weight which I though might happen coming straight off LT to normal eating....my fat clothes are still too big for me and I am almost 8 monhts pregnant!!
Im on day 1 and its now gone 6pm and I am getting very hungry so have just made a cup of green tea with mint and sweeteners (im trying everything were allowed to have some variety). Im surprised that it has curbed the craving. Do not give up. We will see this through and everyone here is great for support. They say it gets easier after day 4. You will know sooner than me.
stay focused
sabina x


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bea, can i ask did you do re feed or just go back to healthy eating, im starting week 2 tomorrow i feel soo much better now thought at first i wouldnt stick to it but i have,, big welcom to you


Back on the wagon!
bea, can i ask did you do re feed or just go back to healthy eating, im starting week 2 tomorrow i feel soo much better now thought at first i wouldnt stick to it but i have,, big welcom to you
Will, I was on LT when I discovered I was pregnant so had to move straight to "healthy eating" so didnt refeed.....TracyJ on this site has recently completed the re-feed and doing well if you needed some more advice....best of luck!!
Thanks Josh, good luck to you too! Im going to do as Sabina said and make myself a cup of tea...Im sooo hungry lol!
Let me know how you're getting on!
Dont think Im replying to you all right lol oh well!
Thanks for the support Bea! 64 pounds is FANTASTIC!! Good luck with the little one! Do you know what you're having?
Really good idea Sabina, I think a nice hot cup of mint tea will fill my tum....for the time being! Good luck with it! We can all go through this together lol! Ive heard after the 1st 3 days it gets easier...fingers crossed!
Just a note about Mint... My pharmacist told me to avoid anything containing mint as he's seen it take people off Ketosis.

End of Day 2 for me, and I'm feeling ok!

Drinking carbonated water to make my stomach feel full, but hope to be able to drink plain water soon.
oh dear.
everyone on here said leafy teas were ok so peppermint tea, green tea with mint etc.
Josh - you say your pharmasist says different. Does anybody know??
Aww stick at it hun.. you WILL be that yummy mummy xx
All i know that is a lt of people who have done LT on here have used a lot of peppermint tea and had no probs xxx
I got worried then lol so we can drink peppermint tea? I hope so! Thanks Tracy, just looked at your pics and you look amazing!! Well done! I really hope I can stick to this like you have! xx
Cheers honey, i think its ok, seemed fine for everybody else xxx
thanks for that. I will not be stopping the mint just yet.
I didnt like it personally lol xx
Ive just got such a sweet tooth lol when i sat here watchin jane austin drinkin me tea i felt like i was in heaven!
another day over and another day closer to skinny-ness yay!
so are you still on LT tracy?
Nope hun i am maintaining now! Very well too i might add lol. Just bit addicted to this site..not been on for a few days though xxx

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