Cruise PV SPROUTS!!! A new way to cook them.

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    This recipe in its original form was first discovered by my parents a few years ago, since then we have eaten them this way, although now on Dukan I have had to adapt it, I find the adaptation just as good. Try it out.

    8 Sprouts sliced.
    8 Mushrooms chopped/sliced ( I use small close cap ones)
    1 turkey rasher chopped.
    ½ shallott sliced.
    Garlic to taste
    Salt and Pepper to taste.
    Spray Oil

    Spray oil around a frying pan and gently warm the garlic (crushed, chopped or sliced, its up to you)
    Add the turkey rasher pieces to the garlic and gently cook till half done.
    Meanwhile, peel back the first couple of layers of the sprout DON'T chop off the stalk end or the leaves. If you peel the leaves back far enough this means you can hold the sprout firmly.
    Take a nice sharp knife and slice the sprout, I slice quite thinly, 2mm maybe. Slice till you reach the stalk end. You will be left with a pretty looking flower bit, thats for the compost bin.
    Use fingers to 'rub' apart the leaves into the frying pan adding to the rasher.
    Chop Mushrooms to desired size, I do them in quarters or thin slices and put them in frying pan with sprouts and rasher.
    Slice the shallot so you have long thin slices and add this to the pan.

    Now fry all the ingredients till it is cooked. Add salt and pepper near to the end and serve. With roast chicken this is absolutely devine.

    The original recipe starts with butter in the pan, then chopped bacon. It doesn't use mushrooms or onions. I needed to compensate for the lack of butter and this garlic/veg version works.

    And although its only 8 sprouts, it fills the plate nicely without being too much veg.

    Thanks Mum and Dad for this one xx
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  3. Paulinegin

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    Thanks mum and dad, I bloody love sprouts :D

    P x

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