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Sensibly losing :)
Hiya Sarah,
not seen you around so thought I woucl touch base and see if you are ok and hanging in there.... :)

I was reading you diary in bed at about 3am, its fab! I couldnt respond as was reading on my phone... but you certainly spurred me on... but I am well and truly in the zone baby even without that!! :) :)

How you doing? xxx
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HELLO!!! :D how are you hunni? feel quite special having a thread devoted to meeee :) he he. I aint been around much cuz iv been flat out busy and feel like i am letting everyone down by not getting time to reply to them!!! lol. I am doing great.. although today was the hardest day Iv had for a while... i had a busy day in town and didnt get to have a shake until around 1. and all the lovely food smells were driving me crazy. have done quite a lot of obsessing about food and feeling sorry for myself at times!!! But feeling great again now, feel so proud of myself for sticking to it 100%!!

Glad you enjoyed my diary lol.. is that abusive hassle included? ha ha. Iv definately made a few enemies on this forum!!! (oh well iv made some bloomin fantastic friends too ;))

How are YOU doing?? you are so full of energy and positivity.. even more than me and I thought i was pretty positive! lol. I have no doubt that you and I will absolutely do this all the way :) you really do have to enjoy the experience and reap all the benefits to keep going. And reading your accounts of your journey is totally inspiring to everyone and you deserve a great big hug and a massive thankyou for being such a ray of sunshine :)

Hope your day has been great.. what day are you on again????



Sensibly losing :)
Arrrrr, bless ya :) :)

Glad to hear you did well today...! I think by conquering each thing one at a time we will learn how good it feels AFTERWARDS.. and eating something wont ever feel that fab!! Thats what keeps me going.. my own little powertrip about stupid stuff that nobody else near me will ever grasp, let alone understand me for..!! ;)

Tut tut for no shake till 1pm tho, I find I need mine within an hour of waking as I feel a bit shaky until that point.. I dont know if its my morphine or not but not in a position to stop it and find out yet.. but I find the same happens in the afternoon when I am due one and then late evening when I need another... its almost like my body reaches its expiry on the shake amount and I need another to top me back up again! LOL!
I had a great day today as you will probably see..! I am SO far past that low point I had in week one that it seems like a lifetime ago... I am totally in the zone and food doesnt even bother me anymore.. I went to the shops earlier and as part of my shopping I came out with 2 tubes of smarties, 4 creme eggs and a yorkie bar... none of them mine of course. but once I would have HAD to eat something if it were there.. tonight I have thought about it once and only cause I realised that i am NOT bothered!!! LOL! its crazy! I feel so bloody strong...! I also feel FREE, tried explaining to the OH how I am feeling at the mo and this is the only word I can find to describe it... I feel lighter in my mind, my entire outlook has changed and I am enjoying myself.. I dont feel self concious..! loving it! :)
I am having a slow week this week, totm turned up unexpected just after the scales slowed and I kind of knew due to how i felt.. then it stopped again so god knows whats happening.. but I am losing inches as my jeans that were new on 2 days ago (didnt fit before) needed another belt hole today! Cant complain!! :)....

Saw the comments on your diary.. eek! u cant please everyone but its so hard to explain fully how something should sound when its typed online.. makes room for lots of confusion for sure..!!! dont worry and continue doing what you do best... after the other day i cant be arsed getting in to a slanging match with people.... I was having a bad day and seeing stuff on here had me on the edge! LOL!! My rational head would react differently today of course ;) LOL!

I am day 13 I think today.. I have my 2nd WI on Friday morning...!! I dont care what the scales say this week as I have lost some of my body for SURE... and I know the scales are not moving as much as last week.. I am just looking forward to a new stash of choc shakes as I have run out and they are my FAVES!! I like these as much as a creme egg and thats saying something!!! LOL!

Off to bed now to slather myself in my new creams... already looking forward to waking up tmw and trying out all of my new makeup too!!! I am all giggly stupid and full of the joys at the mo. I am making myself a real PITA to the OH I reckon...!!! I even like getting up ffs, I am up as soon as that alarm goes off for a wee and a weigh!! PMSL!!

Speak to you tmw :)
aww so awesome to see you feeling so great and I can relate to every single word of it. Its amazing how just a couple of weeks can change your whole life. I feel like someone has waved a magic wand... I dont think I have ever felt this happy, positive, confident and excited to be alive. Its a feckin miracle! i was such a miserable, reclusive whingebag before LT lol. And I love how strong as a person I am.. usually im stressed out and having a really tough time with my 3yr old.. and now im so chilled and being a really good mum.. and consequently she has gone from being a totally uncontrollable little monster who never sleeps... to a complete angel who does everything she is asked and sleeps all night! All because her mummy is happy. And that brings tears to my eyes. Me and her have never had a good relationship because EVERYTHING is a fight. And now everything is a breeze. Even if I never lost weight, LT has been so worth it just for bringing me and my little girl together. *sniffle sniffle* lol

Know what you mean about the chocs.. I love em... i got mostly choc this time cuz i dont really like the others and id rather enjoy this than resent it! and i actually prefer them to real chocolate now!! never thought id say that.

Well done for getting through the hardest couple weeks... its plain sailing now babe and theres no stopping us!!! HOW EXCITING :D and thankyou for sharing your feelings and experiences... Its great to relate to someone so much and feel so happy for you :) I know what it means to you... because im sure it means the same to me and doing this is changing our lives. Its massive. And sometimes I feel myself well up because iv wanted it for so long. AND NOW WE ARE DOING IT!!!!! and we are GOING to get there!!! arrrgggghhhhhhhhhh so exciting! (im actually laying awake at night with excitement sometimes he he)

Enjoy your pampering lovely!!! Im not really into all that sort of girly creams and make up etc.. BUT i reckon ill start when i start feeling a bit more feminine. and now im starting to feel like i deserve to look after myself!!

talk again soonxxx


Sensibly losing :)
Just a quickie as just off to bed, but on the cream front, I am not particularly into the whole moisturising etc either.. BUT, I read one of the Palmers cocoa butters and it apparently helps your skin shrink back when losing weight.. have seen people swear by it.. so I thought if I was going all out on changing my body and how I feel then I may as well go the full hog and do this too and give my body and skin the best chance it has.. I dont want no saggy skin and lets face it, being fat for 20 yrs and 3 babies is probably gonna leave me with some...! So if this makes a tiny difference then its good enuf for me :) I figure it will all contribute to the general 'feel good package' I seem to have signed up for at the moment...!!!! I wanna hear my skin snap back like tight knicker elastic:D :D xxx
OOOH WOW!!!! will check it out!!!!! bio oil supposedly really helps too!! xxx


Sensibly losing :)
Yeah but have you seen the price of that stuff!!! For a body this size I would need to re-mortgage!!! ;) I will buy it when I am thinner and need less! LMAO! x
LOL!!!! it goes really far though.. you need such a tiny bit to do like a whole arm. I had a look at that palmers stuff... thats pretty expensive too! I definately cant afford to buy stuff like that at the mo... maybe when all my ebay stuff sells I will treat myself :) x

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