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SS and Saturday nights??!!

I am on day two of SS which is going ok so far, but Saturday evenings are normally the time when my husband and I would have a takeaway any glass of wine. Just wondering how you get through nights like that, do you just dig your heels in and get on with it (sort of answering my own question?!)? Also feel bad for my other half as it's sort of spoiling his evening iykwim?

Thanks, K x
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Yeah u have descired our usual whole weekend.... I think sat's will be the hardest for me. Think im going to try and work most sat's from now on just to get out the house.

My kids still have lots of selection boxes lying about which is particularly hard too. Usually they would be gone by now too, which is typical
ohh dont talk about selection boxes, sophie has mountains left :rolleyes: still have 3 tins of sweets lying around aswell cant wait to have a clearout of stuff!!

sat nights are hard though, we used to always have a chinese on sat nyt!
he could still have the takeaway just a smaller one if you are worried about him missing out.

but if you dont want to have that food in the house, then why not do something with your saturday night like... have friends round (and you stick to water), or have a wii evening (if you have one) which is activity as well. im sure there are other ideas, i just cant think of them right now :D

good luck with it.


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go to bed early ;) ;) or have a nice long bath. paint your nails watch some tv or a film :) :) xx
all of the above as Becky says and stay around on here if you can, have a good laugh, be inspired or drop in the Arcade too! :D:D:D


Losing the baby weight!!
That would be a typical Saturday night for me and my hubby too! Tonight will be our 1st Sat night in a while where we haven't had an indian takeaway!! Ah well, porridge is almost as nice.....

Like you said, we just need to dig our heels in and get on with it. And like Becky said, if we can distract ourselves, then all the better!

once you get into ketosis you will find it easy to resist the usual takeaway. My hubby often has a take away chinese, kebab, pizza but ive got to the stage where i can happily watch him eat it cos i know that when i weigh in again i am going to be a happy, slimmer bunny!
I actally like to have a good old sniff of whatever hubby is eating as i find it sort of satisfies my hunger.....its well strange!!!
also, having a takeaway on a set night is a routine......you will soon find that having your CD pack becomes the routine and so you dont miss out on what used to be the 'norm'. hope that makes sense!!!


not for long hopefully
Youre other half would sooner see you happy in the body that you want to be in than sitting eating a take away with ya, thats my guess!
You have a lifetime to eat take away (in moderation lol) but this is your time now to do the CD.
Im coming to the end of day 3, and my wife and kids ate chinese earlier, I just came on here whilst they ate & switched off from what they were doing, it worked.
Youll be ok!
Take care


not for long hopefully
It was the smell that did me at first, but again, I came on here, got typing and to be honest, didnt really think about it any longer.
This forum really helps!
yeah it does doesnt it. But one of my new years resolutions was to be off the net more, and since finding this site thats went out the window. The laptop has been on all day n ive hardly done anything. Though have had the house to myself all day which has been bliss!!!! Just missing a wee drink in my hand lol


not for long hopefully
Yeah me to, but I said in another thread, I have all my life to have a "wee" drink and a takeaway - but now is my time to lose the weight.
That goes for you to BabyB - but I know youll be good, have no doubts!
May have to ease off on the computer use too, its red hot and me bum is sore - surprising where the time goes when youre on here!
I know and I cant kick OH and kiddies out indefinately lol Though that would help and they could come back in 7 months. That way the house would be food and temptation free bliss
Hi All

I've just posted a thread on how to curb a craving - a Paul McKenna technique and it has really worked for me - but be prepared to feel sick at the thought of your favourite food.

I was thinking last nite jst how many social activities involve food.. even the cinema :(

Even harder in winter as its too cold to do outdoor type things!

Looks like i'll be trying to extra shifts aswell.. keep mind off it and make some money for my new wardrobe :D

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