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SS plus

Hiya, I'm on SS+ and I love this plan. I don't think I could've survived just on SS with the job I do and the long hours I work. Having a small meals breaks up the monotony of just having shakes/bars/soups. It's not a huge meal to be honest, but what I find is that you tend to savour and taste every mouthful.

You could always give it a go and see if it's suitable for you?
Good luck with what you decide. :)


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I've just done 9 weeks of SS+ before moving up to 810.. It's been a great plan but I do t know what she means about the cost? Given you've got 3 packs and a meal it's actually the most expensive plan?
As for whether you can stop eating or not; well that depends on your ability to control yourself around food or not. I have a food addiction and I'm on SS and not even having the bars at the moment because, although I am working on my underlying issues, I feel the chewing action might trigger my addictive tendencies at this stage (cps it stimulates the hunger centre in the brain for 20 minutes).



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its really up to you and how you feel , think its 4 a day for you right ?
How do you feel and think about it ?


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if you do the ss+ milk (the one without a meal) its an extra pack so therefore you are paying more than ss... so im also not sure what she means about the cost...

like gg said. its up to your ability to be able to stop eating...
i think if i sat down to a small meal i dont think i could stop (hence doing the ss+milk)


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I'm confused about what she means about cost too. SS+ costs more than SS because you are eating a small meal as well!

Personally, I prefer SS. Having such a small meal (only 200 calories) is not filling enough for me, so I'd rather go without.

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